(1) Now because the power, pressure, temperature and other conditions of the oil press have been improved, it is very easy and convenient to work: first screen and purify the raw materials, then add about 78% of water to crush and soften them, and then put them in a steamer to steam to 115 After pressing it is pressed. New automatic oil press, cold pressing and hot pressing, in order to improve oil yield and oil quality, hot pressing is the main method.

(2) The two technological processes are as follows:

1. New automatic oil press,cold pressing: rapeseed-screening-germ pressing-pressing Firstly, the rapeseed is screened to remove impurities, and then the moisture content of the rapeseed is checked. If there is no testing equipment, you can use the local method to test: squeeze the rapeseed with your nails, and divide it into two pieces if there is a sound, or squeeze it with oil. If it’s a powder it’s too dry, if it’s a cake it’s too dry. If it is too dry, add 2.5-3% water, stop less, and directly enter the oil press for pressing.

Press twice on one side. BTMA Machinery is a famous hydraulic press manufacturer in China. Suihua oil press series include: automatic oil press, multi-function oil press, screw oil press, liquid/KLOC-2 oil press, small oil press, new type oil press, etc. , including peanut oil press, tea seed oil press, sesame oil press, rapeseed oil press and household oil press.

2. New automatic oil press,hot pressing: Raw material – screening – embryo pressing – steaming and frying – pressed rapeseed is screened to remove impurities, and then enters the flaking machine for flaking. After the embryo is rolled, it enters the steamed pot for steamed at steamed.

Peanut kernel pressing method: peanut kernel hot pressing or cold pressing can be used, and hot pressing is the main method (cold pressing is not as good as hot pressing). When hot pressing for 1 hour, first crush or roll the peanut kernels, and then steam them in a steamer for 1.5-2 hours. When the temperature reaches about 120°C and the water content is about 3%, the peanut kernels can be squeezed. When the temperature of the oil press reaches 85°C, it starts to press normally.

If you don’t have a steamer, you can also fry peanuts in a wok. Crush peanut kernels, gradually add about 7-8% water, stir-fry until dark yellow, then take out of the pan and press.

(3) Heat treatment (steaming and frying):

Heat treatment is one of the most important processes in oil extraction. Heat treatment includes the wetting and heating of the raw body, which is called steamed or fried body in production, and the body after steaming and frying is called cooked body. Green celestial bodies that pass through heat treatment after pressing are called hot pressing, and green celestial bodies that do not pass through heat treatment are called cold pressing. Rapeseed is mainly hot pressed. The effect of heat treatment directly affects the smooth progress of the entire oiling process, the oil yield and the quality of new automatic oil press and cake.

⑷ Squeeze of new automatic oil press

Small oil press is a kind of small oil press widely used in small oil factories in rural areas. Simple structure, high pressure, continuous processing of materials, low labor intensity, can squeeze a variety of oils. Due to the zigzag curve and cone flavor of the round press bar, when the material is pushed and squeezed by the press, the volume of the press screw and the inner wall space of the press cage are constantly changing.

Because the round strips are arranged at the rear of the extrusion cage, the inner wall of the extrusion cage is zigzag, and the billets are alternately received here. So its squeezing effect is better. In fact, if you want high-quality oil, you must refine the oil. The role of refined oil is to remove impurities and process the pressed oil. Including four processes of hydration degumming, acid neutralization, deodorization and decolorization. But as a new automatic oil press user, it is not that complicated at all.