The mothed and feature of mini oil press

The mini oil press machine is a new type of mini oil press machine, which uses high-quality cold-rolled steel plates. The movement is made of high-strength wear-resistant alloy material, which is mini and flexible. The structure of the whole machine is reasonable, convenient to operate and safe to use. It can be disassembled and cleaned by users, processed and sold after cleaning.

  1. The minioil press belongs to light equipment, which can be used in various miniprocessing plants or personal use.

Because the machine is mini in size and light in weight. It is easy to carry and convenient for users to use and transport. The body structure of the machine is compact and reasonable, occupying a mini space. The mini oil press has the advantages of simple structure, mini size, light weight, and easy transportation.

  1. The minioil press has a compact structure and a minifootprint, occupying a large space in the mini oil press.

In mini oil presses, the press chamber will basically not be damaged after use. There will be no hard objects left on the press chamber. It is conducive to maintenance. Moreover, in order to facilitate the cleaning inside the press chamber, the frame is connected by bolts. In order to reduce the floor area and facilitate maintenance. The press chamber is equipped with an inspection port. The rack is equipped with an adjustable wrench. It can be moved at any time. When disassembling and cleaning, the inner cylinder and cover plate of the washing machine can be disassembled. It is convenient for maintenance.

  1. The minioil press has the characteristics of multi-point continuous pressing of materials, low discharge temperature, high oil yield, high oil yield, and short pressing time.

As a type of modern machinery, the oil press is favored by the majority of users economically because of its mini size, light weight, and mini size. Now there are many types of oil presses on the market, and there are also many models. There are single-layer presses, five-layer presses and other types, which can meet the needs of different user working conditions. It can process a variety of nuts and vegetable oils, as well as edible oils and dried fruits. It has the characteristics of simple structure and easy maintenance. Multi-point pressing is suitable for all kinds of mini workshops and can meet various pressing needs. All kinds of oil presses can be configured. A mini piece of equipment can meet the needs of different customers in all places. You can also install oil presses yourself to meet the needs of various customers. Mini oil presses are a new type of mechanical equipment and a kind of new energy product has broad prospects in our production and life. And it is a very good machine product in today’s society!

  1. The oil press is refined by new energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, with low power and low energy consumption. It is the most common oil press product used by modern factories and individuals.

The mini oil press is a kind of oil press equipment used to press peanuts, soybeans, sesame and other oils and various agricultural and sideline products. It can be widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery units and various non-oil industries.It can also be used in chemical industry and other industries. The mini oil press equipment has a certain inhibitory effect on the free acid in the pressed oil, and has a certain inhibitory effect on the aflatoxin and other harmful substances in the peanut. If the aflatoxin exceeds the standard, it can cause poisoning; make peanuts black and rotten. Their edible value (excluding the oil part). Therefore, it is not suitable to eat peanuts with high aflatoxin content; peanut products have antioxidant effects; lower blood pressure, blood lipids, etc. They have obvious inhibitory effects on lipid peroxidation. So long-term consumption can reduce or eliminate in vivo Aflatoxin B1 content.

  1. The mini oil press adopts a uniquely designed oil yield rate as high as 92% and a fully automatic cleaning method (the inner cavity can be cleaned), which avoids the disadvantages of inconvenient, time-consuming and laborious cleaning methods.

The design principle of the oil press: the oil press generally has a silo. And after the oil is screened through the silo and enters the oil press. It is the oil press we want to talk about. Generally, the process of oil press is to carry out rough pressing first. After rough pressing, a very large oil residue can be obtained, and after filtering, qualified mini oil can be obtained. The main structure of the mini oil press: it is mainly composed of an oil inlet, a discharge port, a feed port, an oil discharge port and a pressing part. Usually, oil is squeezed out in this way. Some of the poorer quality oils. Such as larger size or minier volume and higher water content are used to squeeze out by pressing. Because it is troublesome to filter and the efficiency is relatively low, many manufacturers will choose to make mini oil presses fully automatic.