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What are the factors affecting peanut oil pressing:

1. Advantages and disadvantages of raw materials for oil extraction

As the saying goes “good ingredients make good oil” applies to any kind of oil. “Good material” requires that the granules are full, and immature granules, damaged granules, and moldy granules cannot be mixed together. The oil produced by immature grains has a high acid value and poor flavor, while moldy grains and damaged grains are susceptible to aflatoxin contamination.

2. Oil pretreatment process

Peanuts should be pre-treated before pressing. Only after the bad oil is screened out and then squeezed with a screw press, can the squeezed edible oil have a higher oil yield and a more mellow taste.

3. The temperature of steaming and frying is too low or too high

Before the peanut oil is pressed, the peanut kernels must be steamed and fried, and steamed and fried is the key process for the production of fragrant peanut oil. The flavor, color, yield of peanut oil and the content of soluble components in the phospholipid gel are directly related to the steaming temperature. When the screw oil press is used to extract peanut oil, the temperature is too low and the flavor is weak; if the temperature is too high, the oil is easy to burn. In order to prevent deep frying or burning, the peanut oil mill can choose automatic temperature control steaming and frying equipment.

4. Peanut oil refining equipment treatment

Peanut oil refining equipment generally includes dephosphorizing and deacidifying refining equipment, decolorizing refining equipment, deodorizing refining equipment and dewaxing refining equipment. If you want to keep the strong flavor of peanut oil, the peanut oil factory can remove the deodorization and refining equipment when purchasing a complete set of peanut oil equipment.

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