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Modern agriculture refers to socialized agricultural production that extensively applies modern technology, production factors provided by modern industry, and scientific management methods. Its core is scientific, its characteristics are commercialization, its direction is intensification, and its goal is industrialization.

The development of modern agriculture is inseparable from agricultural machinery, and agricultural mechanization is the foundation of agricultural modernization. The current situation and development model of China’s agricultural mechanization.

The agricultural mechanization project provides a solid foundation and guarantee for agricultural modernization. Our country has formulated a series of guidelines and policies to promote the development of agricultural machinery, improve the level of agricultural mechanization, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of my country’s agriculture.

Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery refers to various machinery used in the production process of crop planting and animal husbandry, as well as in the initial processing and treatment of agricultural and livestock products, and belongs to the category of agricultural machinery and tools. The transformation of agricultural production tools has promoted the development of agricultural production and the progress of human civilization. The emergence of simple handmade wooden and stone agricultural tools, the invention of iron and wooden agricultural tools, the application of electric motors and tractors, agricultural production has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Modern agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery exists and serves agriculture. The development of agricultural machinery is essentially a need for agricultural production. It improves agricultural production efficiency, liberates farmers, liberates productivity, and provides guarantee for increasing production and income. There are many types of agricultural machinery. We mentioned before that agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, etc. all belong to the agricultural category. So correspondingly, garden machinery, livestock machinery, and fishery machinery are also agricultural machinery. Even in the planting industry that we are most familiar with, if we want to achieve full mechanization, the machinery required in all aspects of agricultural production before, during, and after production is called agricultural machinery, including breeding machinery, seed processing machinery, drying machinery, etc. etc., not just the planting and harvesting machinery we can see in the fields.

Agriculture mechanization

Agricultural mechanization can be defined as the process of using machines to gradually replace human and animal power for technological transformation and economic development in agricultural production. Agricultural mechanization also serves agriculture, but its main body is agricultural machinery, that is, it is necessary to promote the use of advanced agricultural machinery in agricultural production. machinery and equipment

Since agricultural mechanization is a process, and a process of gradual replacement, it can never be achieved overnight. Its development is a natural historical process, and its changing movements conform to the laws of metabolism, from small to large, from the old to the new, from quantitative changes to qualitative changes. There is continuity and there are stages. machinery and equipment


Agricultural machinery, agricultural mechanization, and agricultural mechanization engineering all exist for the better development of agriculture. Agricultural machinery refers to the tools used in the entire process of agricultural production. Agricultural mechanization refers to agricultural machinery replacing human and animal power. Agricultural mechanization engineering refers to the applied discipline of all aspects of theory and methods involved in the modern agricultural production process. These three progress step by step. Agricultural machinery is the foundation, agricultural mechanization is the process, and agricultural mechanization engineering is the leader and guidance.  machinery and equipment

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