Large oil press exported to South Africa

Large oil press export

Recently, our company successfully exported a large oil press to South Africa. This oil press will help local agricultural production in South Africa, improve the efficiency of oil processing, and bring more benefits to local farmers.

South Africa is a large agricultural production country with rich agricultural resources and a long history of agricultural production. However, due to backward technology and insufficient equipment, South Africa’s local oil processing industry has always suffered from problems such as low efficiency and low product quality. In order to change this situation, the South African government is actively introducing advanced agricultural equipment and production technology to improve the efficiency and quality of local agricultural production.

A professional agricultural equipment manufacturer

our company has successfully developed a large oil press that meets the needs of the local market in South Africa based on years of technology accumulation and production experience. This oil press adopts advanced hydraulic oil pressing technology and has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. It can meet the demand of the local South African market for high-quality and efficient oil processing equipment.

In this export project

our company formulated a detailed delivery plan and made sufficient preparations. First, we conducted in-depth communication and consultation with the logistics company to determine the most appropriate transportation method and route. Considering South Africa’s geographical location and logistics conditions, we finally chose to ship the oil press to South Africa by sea.

Before shipment, we conduct comprehensive inspections and tests on the oil press to ensure that its performance and quality meet customer requirements. At the same time, we have also strictly inspected and reinforced the packaging of the oil press to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation.

During the delivery process, we work closely with the logistics company to ensure that the oil press can be shipped smoothly and delivered to South Africa on time. In order to ensure the safe and stable transportation of the oil press, we also specially purchased insurance for the oil press and arranged professional technicians for on-site guidance.

At present, this oil press has successfully arrived in South Africa and has been highly praised by local farmers. They said that the use of this oil press will greatly improve local agricultural production efficiency and bring them more economic benefits.