Knowledge about coconut oil press

This oil press uses a high-voltage pulse motor to drive the casing to make the casing rotate. Through the rotation of the impeller, the oil is rolled back and forth in the spiral groove.  And then the coconut meat is broken to obtain coconut milk. This oil press machine is a hot-selling product of our company. And it is more suitable for some small domestic factories to buy. On the one hand, our leaf oil press adopts vacuum suction, so that the coconut juice will not has  block inside the oil press and cannot work. On the other hand, coconut shells can be dehydrated and then made into various foods. Because it is oil-free, it will not produce any impurities and other harmful substances. And will not cause any harm to the human body. At the same time, it can also protect the coconut meat from being lost! Now many small manufacturers are using coconut juice machine to produce coconut oil press. This oil press equipment is a kind of coconut juice press, which is suitable for production and use in various regions. It does not need to buy any other raw materials.     coconut oil press process

1. No too much water, no impurities

It can completely remove the coconut meat and completely separate the coconut meat, coconut shell and other impurities. It can be used to make coconut water, juice, coconut flakes, etc. Coconut milk does not contain any fat. Drinking coconut milk can promote the body’s metabolism and enhance immunity! Beauty and beauty. It also has a cosmetic anti-aging effect and improves the body’s resistance to disease and weakness, prevents accelerated aging, improves skin elasticity, and skin pigmentation.      coconut oil press process

2. The coconut meat is crushed

If you want to make coconut milk, you need to take out the coconut meat and put the coconut meat in a larger bowl. Then put it into the oil press to make it rotate. This way it gets broken up and the coconut meat that is carried out of the body becomes a powder. Copra can also be crushed into a powdery substance in an oil press. This is more convenient to operate. It can squeeze out the taste of coconut meat to a large extent. This coconut juice machine is to use coconut to squeeze coconut juice machine to squeeze coconut juice. This machine is mainly used for squeezing coconut juice equipment.      coconut oil press process

3. The coconut meat becomes granular after dehydration

You need to put the coconut meat in the oil press and start the machine. Be careful to put it in a vacuum state. Then you can put the coconut meat into the oil press. One of the parts that needs to be used when squeezing juice is the spiral groove. This spiral groove is a lid with a round hole.  You can put the coconut meat in and squeeze it out. It is very important to know what is the state of vacuum filtration in the production of coconut milk by the coconut juice machine. If it is not filtered, it will not cause any harm to the human body. It is also a problem that we are all very worried about because the coconut juice machine is blocked and the coconut juice cannot be squeezed out. So everyone use the coconut juice machine to make coconut meat and filter it. And it will not produce any impurities and other substances! At the same time it will not affect our health!

4. The coconut meat becomes bigger

When we use coconut milk to extract juice, if the coconut meat is blocked, the squeezed coconut milk cannot be fully absorbed. It will cause the coconut meat to become smaller. Coconut kernels are relatively large after dehydration. Then we can also use coconut juice machine to produce coconut oil press to make coconut meat. Because coconut meat contains a lot of vitamins. It can help us remove toxins and garbage in the body. I think it would be better if the coconut meat can be turned into coconut meat and can be directly used for stir-frying! Coconut is tasteless. If you are using it, we should not waste it!! And the coconut meat produced by the coconut juice machine will not affect our life~ After all, it is oil-free! If you like it, you can also cook it and eat it or make some coconut milk to use it!

5. No need to add coconut shell

Without adding any additives, you only need to clean the shell of the coconut milk machine to produce coconut milk. You can use any husk or anything else that has no nutritional value in place of coconut milk. The coconut juice squeezed out of the coconut juice machine does not have any impurities and any other garbage! It can directly to drunkv or soaked in water. Because coconut milk does not contain any additives and preservatives. And can apply to a long time, it will not produce any impurities or other harmful substances during use.  The coconut meat will not be lost! Some factories in our country. They have also used coconut oil presses to produce coconut shell dehydrated food. It can be directly drunk to coconut milk.