How to install the filter cloth of plate and frame oil filter

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The working principle of the plate and frame oil filter, the export price of the plate and frame oil filter.

The particular steps of the filter out paper installation of the plate and body oil filter

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The plate and frame oil filter is a tool for purifying and putting off impurities from lubricating oil. it’s far characterized by means of small size, handy movement and coffee charge. the clear out system of this equipment is especially composed of filter paper. the precision of the filter paper determines the cleanliness of the filtered oil, so the filter paper will be replaced after a length of use. many customers nonetheless do not know how to update and deploy the filter out paper after using it. the subsequent BTMA oil filter machine will introduce the following filter paper installation and operation strategies for you!

Precautions for plate and frame oil filter

If the filter out paper is hooked up successfully, the clear out paper ought to be dried and there must be no harm. earlier than operation, cautiously sandwich the punched paper among every clear out plate and clear out body. the quantity of clear out papers is typically 2 to four, relying on the requirements of filtration and the first-class of filter paper.

While clamping the filter out paper, the 2 oil holes at the filter out paper ought to be constant with the oil holes on the filter body of the clear out plate. do no longer deviate to purpose leakage and have an effect on the first-class of the filter oil. after putting the filter paper in place, push the filter plate up, and flip the hand wheel to press the clear out plate tightly. when pressing the clear out plate, most effective one person is allowed to function it to keep away from damage.