How does the oil extruded by the screw press contain impurities

Peanut screw press is the most edible oil sold in the market. When using a professional screw press to press peanut oil, if it is not handled properly, it will cause some problems. For example, what to do if the oil quality is not high, and there are impurities in the oil, etc., the following BTMA oil press machine will introduce specific solutions for you.

First of all, because the color of peanut oil is black, there are impurities. There is foam during the oil extraction process, which is because the purity of the peanut oil is not enough, and the impurities are not thoroughly filtered. The traditional oil press equipment does not have a fine filtration system, but only through manual processing and filtration. In addition, the oil filter machine used cannot filter it, because it just puts the oil in a sealed container and simply filters it through the filter cloth. This method is to increase the filtration speed of oil. The disadvantage is that the oil is filtered too fast and the pressure is high, so that the impurities are not really filtered thoroughly.

Another reason is that the operation is cumbersome. After the peanut oil is filtered by the oil filter machine, the container needs to be opened to clean the leached residue, which is inconvenient to clean and cannot work continuously.

The last point is because the machine is a vacuum filter, the peanut oil press produced by BTMA company sucks the air out of the container to create a vacuum container with a filter cloth above the container to filter, the oil flows to the filter cloth, and the negative pressure is sucked in after filtering Above the container, impurities in the oil are filtered by filter cloth. When the oil passes through the filter, the container will automatically decompress, avoiding the problem of potential safety hazards. The oil filtered in this way completely removes impurities, and the filtered oil residue is easy to clean and the oil quality is clearer.