BTAM-What are the advantages of using hydraulic oil press?

Advantages of using hydraulic oil press can use for sesame, walnut, avocado, cottonseed, rapeseed and other oil presses.It mainly suitable for small factories, small oil workshops, rural self-employed, etc. Its advantage lies in a wide range of applications, good oil effect and so on.


Hydraulic oil press has a great influence on oil quality


  1. The oil color extracted by the automatic hydraulic press is clear, because it has this vacuum filtration and automatic temperature control function. It not only improves the quality of oil products, but also improves the quality of oil cakes. Pressed fritters can also be used for animal feed, etc


  1. Hydraulic hydraulic press is a technology introduced from abroad more than ten years ago. It has a lot of functions that vacuum filtration, automatic temperature control. The refined oil pressed by hydraulic press has the characteristics of good quality and high oil yield. The most important thing is that the oil is delicious to eat.

The application scope of hydraulic oil press is very wide


  1. Automatic hydraulic oil press is a kind of small oil press. It process the simple operation, high oil yield and less replacement of wearing parts. It is an advanced equipment that can replace manual operation of small grinding sesame oil.


  1. The advantages of buying and using hydraulic hydraulic press mainly have the following points: on the one hand,it is suitable for large and medium-sized city citizens.Because it costs less money. On the other hand, rural towns can guarantee fast processing of incoming materials (own oil to own oil). The main oil crops processed by hydraulic machine are: sesame, walnut, tea seeds, pine nuts (peeling effect is better), almond and other high oil crops.


Hydraulic oil press can save costs and bring higher profits 


Now the hydraulic oil press mostly uses rural processing, or urban on-site processing, so that the production looks more transparent. Customers can feel more reassured after seeing it. Good quality assurance of refined oil products is of great benefit to the development of the market. Now many areas are using hydraulic oil press, they are in accordance with this business model. The profits from oil extraction are substantial.


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