Which is better, hydraulic oil press or oil mill?

When choosing an oil press, I don’t know whether to choose a oil mill or a hydraulic press. So today, let’s discuss whether the oil press screw is good or hydraulic:

In fact, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The hydraulic oil press is suitable for scattered oils with special flavors such as cocoa beans, olives, sesame walnuts, etc. The spiral oil press is suitable for soybeans, peanuts, and rapeseed oils with a large amount.

Advantages of oil mill: Because the screw press passes through three to four squeezing. The oil output rate is higher than that of a hydraulic oil press with a single squeeze. And because the mechanical structure of the left and right screw press is simple. It is not easy to malfunction; the equipment investment is small, and the processing capacity is high. One equipment can process rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, tea seed and other granular oils. So it is also as multiple Functional oil press: The screw press is made of high-quality mold steel CR12 after quenching and fine grinding, which guarantees at least more than 400,000 kg of oil material, which is tough and durable.

Disadvantages of oil mill: It belongs to dynamic pressure friction oil. The oil is black when it comes out, contains high phospholipids, and the oil is not very good. It needs to be equipped with a professional oil filter for fine filtration before it can be used.


Advantages of hydraulic oil press: The traditional pressing principle is combined with modern technology. Compared with ordinary oil presses.It has high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, high product value-added, no loss, no noise, physical pressing does not require heating, and does not add any chemicals Raw material. It no need to clean oil, easy to operate, no wearing parts, long service life. The great advantage of hydraulic oil press is that the equipment pressure is static pressure. The mechanical friction of the oil is very small, the oil is very clear, and it can be eaten directly without any treatment, which is convenient and safe.


Disadvantages of hydraulic oil press: unlike the hydraulic oil press, which is a closed hydraulic system, only one part of the oil leakage will make the whole machine useless. The oil rate is relatively low, the single function is small, the oil has a lot of work in the pre-pressing process. It needs to be crushed, steamed and fried, and the equipment investment is large, and the output is small.