How much is a hydraulic oil press machine

How much is a hydraulic oil press machine? First of all, we need to understand the parameters of the hydraulic oil press, follow Henan Benteng Machinery to understand.

1. Brief Introduction of Hydraulic Oil Press

Firstly, the fully automatic hydraulic oil press is easy to operate and has a high oil yield. The oil press is an advanced equipment that can replace the manual operation of small sesame oil.

The main oil crops processed by this machine are: sesame, walnut kernel, tea seed, almond and other high oil crops.

2. Hydraulic transmission components:

Without any doubt,the main hydraulic transmission components are composed of transmission worm, turbine, crankshaft, high pressure pump, gear pump, check valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pipe and other components.

Surely,our company also combines the internal and external advanced technology to improve the hydraulic three-plunger pump station.

3. The performance and characteristics of the main components of the hydraulic two-way cylinder:

In the same way, the cylinder is made of a hydraulic cylinder block, a piston, a cylinder gland, and hexagon socket screws. Indeed,the characteristic of the hydraulic two-way cylinder is that the piston is forced to rise rapidly. And then descend rapidly by supplying oil to the cylinder by the oil pump.

For actually,the machine circuit control is composed of voltmeter, micro-point temperature controller, electric contact pressure gauge, contactor, relay, infrared heating tube, click and other components.

4. Precautions and operation methods before starting the hydraulic oil press:

one. Clean the inside of the oil tank, and add enough 46# and 68# hydraulic oil.
2. Checking whether the bolts in each part are loose.
3.Check whether the line wiring is correct and connect the ground wire.
4. After turning on the power, raise the automatic temperature control switch to about 70 degrees. First place the mat on the lower orifice plate in the barrel, then add the fried oil into the barrel. And then put the mat after filling it up.

In this case, put on the material partition, close the movable top, start pressing, put the reversing valve in the rising position, about 6-10 minutes, it can be completed.
5. When the red needle of the pressure gauge pointer is 50 MPa, the electrical control system will automatically stop. When the pressure gauge pointer drops to 46 MPa green needle.

Then,when a small amount of oil leaks out of the barrel, the electrical control system will automatically start and the pressure will resume. On the other hand,when it rises. There is no oil seepage from the barrel, and the oil has come out completely, and the load can be unloaded.

Precautions and operation methods

6. Pressure relief: Hold the handle of the reversing valve and slowly place it in the lowering position. So that the material barrel is lowered to about 100mm from the upper top, place the reversing valve in the middle space. And pull the movable upper top to take the cake.
7. Put the reversing valve in the ascending position and start to rise.Thus,when the orifice plate on the piston top plate is about 5mm higher than the cylinder plane, put the reversing valve in the middle of the position, remove the upper partition plate and cushion, and take out the cake. .
8. Afterwards,then put the reversing valve in the descending position to make the piston descend rapidly and prepare for the second pressing.

5. Safe use and maintenance of hydraulic oil press:

First, in order to ensure the safety of customers in the process of using the electrical system, grounding wire protection measures must be used to ensure safety.
2. The characteristics of this machine can change the 380-volt power supply to a 220-volt power supply with a two-phase motor according to customer needs to achieve normal use.
3. Still,it is strictly forbidden to put an end to overpressure use without authorization and random adjustment and demolition. So as not to damage the machine parts and affect the production.
4. During the production process, it is strictly forbidden to drop debris into the mailbox suction pump. Lift the oil inlet valve steel ball. And the oil pump cannot be produced without oil.
5. Below,the pressure gauge is inflexible and damaged. And it is not allowed to start production after replacing the new pressure gauge before starting production.

maintenance of hydraulic oil press

6. Soon,it is not allowed to overhaul the machine during the period of high pressure and pressure keeping.
7. If there is limited blockage, it is necessary to use a single-edged blade and a feeler gauge to clean and scrape through.
8. Immediately,when the new machine is used for 1-2 months. The hydraulic oil must be sucked out and filtered. And the oil tank should be settled and cleaned. After that, it can be cleaned once a year.
9. Beside,for the new hydraulic oil press. Please use it in strict accordance with the operating procedures during operation.

6. Random packing list:

1. Above,complete machine.
2. Instruction manual.
3. For this reason,two sticky pads.