How to use a hydraulic oil press to press sesame oil?

Sesame oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, iron, calcium, and other nutrients needed by the human body, and has a strong fragrance, which is basically edible oil for every meal. However, sesame must be squeezed before it can be made into oil. In the past, most of the sesame oil machines in the market were made by manual hydraulic sesame oil machines and small grinding sesame oil machines. This kind of machine has the disadvantages of complicated operation, low oil yield, and large loss. Now most of the sesame oil is squeezed by a hydraulic oil press, and the effect of squeezing sesame oil with a hydraulic oil press is very good, and the oil yield is very high.

The working principle of the hydraulic oil press is mainly to use the oil pressure from the pump station to generate pressure between the piston and the upper top so that the raw materials between the piston and the upper top can be squeezed out the required oil under strong pressure. The screw oil press squeezes the oil through strips or round strips to produce oil. The uneven extrusion process will lead to a low oil yield. So this is why the hydraulic oil press is preferred for pressing sesame, and the oil yield of the hydraulic oil press is 48%-55%.

The hydraulic oil press produced by Benteng Machinery Co., Ltd. is highly efficient, fast, and convenient. It adopts various fine filtration system devices and new oil-guiding technology. The oil filtering and pressing are carried out simultaneously, which greatly improves the oil filtering speed. choose.

With the increasing demand for international edible oil year after year, hydraulic oil presses have gradually become familiar to people, and users have higher and higher requirements for hydraulic oil presses. The hydraulic oil press machine we produce is fast and energy-saving, which can reduce a lot of labor. On the other hand, it can also effectively remove impurities and dust in various oils, reduce environmental pollution, and is deeply loved and supported by buyers from all over the world.

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