How to maintain the small hydraulic oil press?BTMA

Maintenance steps of Hydraulic Oil Press

hydraulic oil press BTMA

First, whatever before and after using of hydraulic oil press, pay attention to keeping the surface of the cylinder piston clean. Dirt or grease should be avoided.

Second, the oil in the hydraulic oil tank must be clean and free of impurities. The oil must be filtered to remove impurities to ensure the smooth flow of the oil. Generally, hydraulic oil must be filtered or replaced after a period of use.

Third, do not pressurize the oil pump too fast, otherwise it will impact the entire hydraulic system and damage the pressure bearing equipment and its accessories, thereby affecting the service life of the hydraulic press. The same goes for the oil return of the cylinder. The high-pressure oil must flow back to the tank evenly.

Fourth, the handle of the hydraulic oil press can not be lengthened at will, nor can it swing left and right, so as not to damage the machine parts.

Fifth, the safety valve cannot be disassembled, and it is strictly forbidden to adjust the spring. If the oil pressure exceeds its rated value, it will cause a pipeline or cylinder burst accident.

Sixth, regularly check the use of hydraulic oil presses, especially vulnerable parts, such as packing cups, sealing rings, steel balls, oil pumps, pistons, etc. The vulnerable parts that affect safe operation should be repaired or replaced in time. Do a good job of regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance of hydraulic oil presses.

Seventh, the equipment should be wiped clean when not in use temporarily. The rusty parts should also be oiled and wrapped with greased paper or kraft paper.

You can also watch the video of hydraulic oil press working.

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