How to improve the production efficiency of soybean oil plant ?BTMA

Soybean oil is one of the most widely used edible oils in my country. The soybean oil equipment currently on the market not only can be used to extract soybean oil, but many are suitable for the production of blended oils such as peanut oil and rapeseed oil and salad oil. After refining, they are mixed in proportion. So, how to improve the productivity of soybean oil equipment? I have summarized some experience and hope that it will be helpful for production enterprises to invest in soybean oil incomplete equipment.

1、Ensure the quality of raw materials.

The primary production condition of soybean oil processing equipment is the quality of soybeans: water content, whether it is rotten and full, impurity content and color. These factors are important factors to measure soybean quality. Therefore, in order to improve production efficiency, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the soybeans purchased, adjust the soybean moisture reasonably, and fully remove impurities.


2、Control the temperature of soybean oil extraction equipment.


At the beginning of pumping, the temperature of the machine may be low. The temperature needs to be increased before extraction.



3、Inspect each oil pipeline of the complete set of soybean oil machine.


Clean out the oil pipe in time to prevent blockage. Adjust the pipe size according to the oil production situation.



4、Reasonably adjust the cake thickness produced by soybean oil plants.


If the filter cake is too thick, it will reduce the oil output rate and extend the oil output time; if the oil cake is too thin, it will cause mechanical damage and increase the power consumption of the original ecological oil process. The produced soybean oil has a light color and a light fragrance, which is gradually recognized and praised by consumers.




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