How to use a household oil press and what is the operating process

What is a household  oil press?

household oil press, also called small oil press, micro oil press, spiral oil press, family oil press, full intelligent oil press. As the name implies, it is suitable for household oil press. Home oil press is a small oil press, using hot pressing or cold pressing technology, through the screw logistics, under high temperature or constant temperature conditions, the edible vegetable oil will be squeezed out.

Household oil press how to use?

1. Connect the power cord of the household oil press to the body, insert the power plug into the power socket. And turn on the power switch on the left side of the body.

2. After the power switch of the home oil press is turned on, the home oil press begins to preheat, which takes about 7 minutes. At this time. The panel button keeps flashing (pressing the hot press/cold press button to stop the preheating will enter the cold press state).

3. After preheating, the button on the front panel stops flashing, the home oil press automatically enters the oil pressing program. The screw rotates, and the oil pressing key lights up.

4. After the oil pressing indicator lights up, the oil pressing starts and the motor starts to work. Screw turns, put the ingredients into the feeding funnel. And connect the extracted oil with the oil cup for preservation.

5. Connect the extracted oil to the oil cup and import it into the glass bottle for storage. It’s best to squeeze it once a month. It’s fresh and tasty.

6. Last,Squeeze dry and put in paper towel to clean the screw. And wear gloves, rotate the plug protective cover, take out the screw for cleaning.