What are the most profitable agricultural machinery in 2023?

Agricultural machinery can be divided into self-use type and business type. Among them, commercial agricultural machinery refers specifically to those purchased by users or operators for operation services; usually users are not sensitive to price, but value the quality, performance, and operating efficiency of the machine the most.

First place: Rice combine harvester with 8kg/s feeding capacity

Among the major categories of grain harvesters, the full-feed rice combine harvester is the harvester with the highest return on investment and is also the most suitable agricultural machine for business operations.
It has a high return on investment because full feeding has the following advantages and characteristics.
First, the initial purchase threshold is low, which means the price is low;
Second, the operation time is long and the payback is quick;
Third, it has good versatility and good adaptability to crops and plots.

Second place: 50L plant protection drone

Agricultural machinery that can both allow operators to make money and help farmers save money must be “invincible”. Plant protection drones can be said to have this characteristic.
What allows pilots to make money is the operational efficiency of plant protection drones. “The only martial arts in the world is speed.” Against the backdrop of the overall large-scale development of agriculture, agricultural machinery with higher efficiency becomes more popular.

Reducing operation costs exponentially directly helps farmers save money. Unmanned aircraft are becoming more and more efficient and perform better, while the selling price and operating costs of the machines are falling at the same time. There will be more and more digital agricultural machines in the future, and it is a major trend to replace traditional agricultural machines in large numbers.


Third place: corn combine harvester for both stem and ear harvesting

Corn prices continue to be high and pork prices continue to rise, which determines that the corn planting area will maintain steady growth in 2023 and is expected to reach 630 million to 650 million acres. The increase in planting area ensures that the corn combine harvester will make money as a whole.
At present, corn combine harvesters include ear pickers, grain direct harvesters, silage combine harvesters, and stem and ear combine harvesters.
In 2023, the stem and ear harvester will still be the most popular model among operators. In turn, the demand for ear pickers will be replaced by a larger proportion. The Northeast and Northwest did not like this type of machine very much. In 2023, Demand will also increase.

Fourth place: Feed straw baler

At present, the feed straw baler technology is mature, the model is stable, the supporting chain is sound, and the income is guaranteed.
Second, powerful large companies continue to join in, bringing technical, management, supply chain, financial and other support to the industry, leading to upgrades in products, technology and competition models.

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