The difference between cold press walnut oil and hot press walnut oil

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With the gradual improvement of living standards, people’s quality of life has also improved, and people began to buy some high-end vegetable oils as part of their health care. Cold pressed walnut oil is one of the most sought after vegetable oils. Why Choose Cold Pressed Oil?

Let’s explain walnut oil! The oil content of walnut is as high as 65% ~ 70%, ranking first among all woody oil plants, and has the reputation of “oil depot on trees”. Walnut oil contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, with a content of more than 90%. It’s called “Oriental Olive Oil”!

Generally, there are two kinds of oil pressing techniques, one is cold pressing and the other is hot pressing, but people now prefer cold pressing walnut oil, why? Now let’s explain the benefits of cold pressed oil!

Cold-press oil is generally processed at a temperature below 60 degrees, so that the nutritional content of walnut oil can be well preserved.

The quality of the cold-pressed oil is very good, but it does not need to be heated or fried, so the oil yield of this kind of walnut is very low, the color of the crude oil is relatively light, and there are relatively few impurities. Therefore, the retained nutrients are still very high, and it is more suitable for some high-end small varieties of oils, such as walnut oil, linseed oil, olive oil, and safflower oil.

These are ancient oil extraction methods, no heating is required, and the oil press does not need to be equipped with a heating coil, just press the oil directly!
This squeezed oil has the characteristics of pure nature, because it is not affected by high temperature, so the taste and color are very good, so that the physiologically active substances in hot press walnut oil can be well preserved, especially some vitamin E, which has a lot of Good anti-aging effect.

As well as sterols, have a good effect on the skin and the metabolism of the human body. Another advantage of cold pressing is that the color is beautiful, but it will not get angry when you eat it, which is healthy.

So now people like to eat cold pressed oil because of its high nutritional value.

Finally, the knowledge about hot press oil

Hot press walnut oil basically grinds the ingredients and heats them at high temperatures. In this way, the inside of the oil will change, destroying the composition of cells and proteins, reducing the viscosity of the oil, and some active substances will be lost, such as vitamins, carotenoids, etc., so the nutritional value of such oil is lower than that of cold pressed oil!