Delivering Full-Automatic Oil Press to the United States

With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more automatic machines are applied to the fields of production and manufacturing. Recently, our company shipped a batch of full-automatic oil presses to the United States to support local oil processing enterprises.

The automatic oil press is an advanced oil processing equipment which can press various oil seeds, such as rapeseed, peanut, sunflower seed, palm kernel, etc. It can not only press high-quality oil but also achieve high yield and efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used in various oil processing enterprises.

To ensure the safe and reliable delivery of the automatic oil press, our company cooperated with a reputable logistics company with rich experience in handling large-scale and high-value goods. The logistics partner helped us plan the transportation process carefully, including packaging, loading, transportation, customs clearance, etc., to ensure that the equipment arrived in the United States safely and on time.

The automatic oil press is a precision machine with high sensitivity, so it needs to be protected during the whole transportation process. The logistics partner we worked with used special shockproof materials to package the equipment, ensuring that it would not be damaged during transportation.

After a month of careful transportation and customs clearance, the automatic oil press finally arrived in the United States and was unloaded successfully. The customer expressed full satisfaction with our products and services. We also provided after-sales service commitment to ensure that customers can use our equipment worry-free.

The successful delivery of automatic oil press is a milestone for our company, which shows that our products have been recognized by overseas markets. We believe that our equipment will contribute more to local oil processing enterprises in the United States in the future.