What are the factors that affect the flavor of peanut oil?

Peanut oil pressed peanuts before aging more flavor, so it is very important to choose a good flavor oil.

The indirect factor is the processing technology of peanut oil material in oil factory. Generally speaking, after harvesting, peanuts will not be directly transported to the oil press for pressing. It is necessary to adjust the moisture and temperature of the oil to control the oil yield and flavor of peanuts. In the process, the oil is steamed and fried.

As the saying goes, you can feel the importance of steaming and frying from this sentence. The cooking temperature directly affects the aroma of peanut oil. The temperature is too low, the aroma is not enough. Too high a temperature can scorch the oil and make the product too dark. Practice has proved that the frying temperature should be controlled between 180 and 200℃.

After frying, the heat should be cooled in time, so that the obtained peanut oil can not only ensure the flavor, but also meet the requirements of oil quality. In industrial production, high water evaporation technology is often used to adjust the moisture of oil to 12% ~ 13% in the evaporation pot, so that phospholipids and colloidal substances in the process of evaporation fully absorb water, condense and combine with proteins, improve the transparency of oil.

The extraction technology of peanut oil is relatively mature. The flavor of refined oil is closely related to oil and cooking temperature. In order to produce peanut oil with good flavor and quality