The role of cottonseed oil – new automatic cottonseed oil refining machine

Cottonseed oil can be divided into pressed cottonseed oil, cottonseed oil refining machine extract cottonseed oil, cottonseed crude oil and finished cottonseed oil according to different processes. Cottonseed oil is also a kind of edible oil. Unrefined cottonseed oil contains gossypol, and eating it will cause damage to the human body. Therefore, the extracted cottonseed oil needs to be refined and removed by refining oil equipment before it can be eaten by humans.

Unrefined cottonseed oil is darker in color, and cottonseed oil refined by refined oil equipment is generally orange-yellow or brown. Cottonseed oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids for the human body, which can effectively suppress blood cholesterol, and is very suitable for mixing with animal fats.

Common cottonseed oil production processes include pressing and leaching. The pre-pressing-leaching process is a widely used process at present. Cottonseed oil processing requires pretreatment such as cottonseed delinting, cleaning, shelling, crushing, steaming and frying, etc., and the processed cottonseed oil is sent to the pressing workshop for pre-squeezing oil, and then the crude oil of pressed cottonseed is obtained. The cottonseed cake after squeezing the crude oil is crushed and then sent to the leaching workshop for leaching to make oil to obtain leached crude oil.

Crude oil is transported to the refining workshop through pipelines for a series of processes such as dephosphorization, deacidification, dehydration, decolorization, deodorization, and dewaxing. The refined cottonseed oil has removed gossypol, phospholipids, pigments, waxes and other harmful components and impurities. The cottonseed oil refining machine ensures the safety of the oil, and has greatly improved the quality and storage.

The pre-pressing-extraction process combines the advantages of the pressing process and the leaching process, which can not only obtain high-quality crude oil, but also improve production efficiency, increase oil yield, and increase profits for the oil factory.