Cottonseed oil production line

Cottonseed oil production line consists of single-stage press, single cake press, automatic cold press unit, steam cleaning device and cooling device. Before pressing, steam cleaning with water steam-hydrolysis to oil-alkali refining-deacidification-refining-degumming-refining-filtering-finished product. During the pressing process, a large amount of lye will be left on the pressed billet. The lye contains a certain amount of linolenic acid and aflatoxin. If these toxins cannot be effectively removed. It will seriously endanger human health.

1. Equipment introduction

In order to solve the above problems, our company has developed a new type of double press oil press. Its biggest features are high pressure (greater than 20 kPa), low energy consumption (single unit power less than 10 KW), high oil quality (generally the press does not exceed 4 kg/m2), small footprint and other performance advantages. This machine has the advantages of compact structure, convenient use, energy saving and environmental protection, stable operation, simple maintenance, and convenient maintenance. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient operation, high efficiency, high degree of automation and low energy consumption. Various oils can be processed according to customer requirements, and different grades of refined oil and scraps that meet customer needs can be processed according to customer requirements!

2. Technological process

The cake pressing in the cottonseed oil production line is mainly to solve the problems of high moisture content and many impurities that are easy to occur when cottonseed is pressed. For cottonseed pressing, the moisture content in the oil cake is about 10%-30%. But more than 70% of the moisture exists in the cottonseed cake.

Since the residual moisture and temperature in the cottonseed cake have a great influence on the oil quality, and because there are two mutually restrictive factors in the cottonseed cake, moisture and temperature. It is required that the oil extraction equipment can well adjust the moisture and temperature of the oil cake.

The influence of two factors on the quality of oil cake. Therefore, it is not easy to achieve the desired moisture content for cottonseed pressing. At present, the cottonseed cake oil production line adopts hydraulic and manual pressing methods to ensure the hygiene, safety and quality of oil.

In order to prevent the pollution of grease, it is necessary to take certain measures to treat the oil cake, usually in the following ways:

(1) use alkali refining equipment to carry out deacidification treatment and refining degumming process to remove the residual alkaline substances and impurities in the cottonseed cake ;

(2) Deacidification treatment using alkali refining equipment to remove free phenol and acidic substances such as nitrite and organic acids in cottonseed cake;

(3) Deacidification treatment or refining degumming process using alkali refining equipment to remove nitrous acid salts and organic acids etc.

3. Technical Features

a. Steam cleaning, hydrolysis, alkali refining, deacidification and other methods are used for oil output;

b. Single cake press is used;

c. The temperature of oil output is high and the water content after pressing is low;

d. The press type is large, High oil yield, suitable for processing heat-sensitive oil;

e. Steam cleaning device and cooling device have automatic control and automatic adjustment functions.