What are the steps of the cottonseed oil processing line

What are the steps of the cottonseed oil processing line?

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Stir-fried seeds: Put the washed cotton seeds into the frying pan, stir fry evenly, turn over frequently, and the firepower should not be too high, so as not to burn the shell. After frying, the cottonseeds are flattened in jars, grasped with sticks to dissipate hot steam, and cooled for easy sifting and cleaning.

Sieving: Use manual sieves or fixed sieves to remove soil impurities.

Grinding: When grinding, the material should be less, uniform, and flow continuously, and the speed of the mill should be fast enough to make the cottonseed easy to break.

Add water: Sprinkle water along the roller ring milling groove. When milling, sprinkle water while turning the seeds, so that the draft of the billet is uniform and the milling is consistent. It takes about 20 minutes to grind until it is very fine and broken.

Steamed powder: When pouring the powder into the steaming barrel, it should be flattened by hand, so that the air in the steaming barrel can be evenly ventilated, and the temperature and moisture of the blank should be consistent. The bottom of the steamer is round, shaped like the back of a pot, it is heated evenly, and the water level in the steamer remains consistent. The distance between the bottom of the steamer and the water surface should be greater than 16 cm. Bring to an even heat.

Cake embryo: The packaging of the cake embryo should be spread out and squeezed together. The cake embryo should be wrapped quickly, the wrap should be flat and tight, and the pressing should be fast. The doughnuts are about 6 minutes thick after pressing. The heating time should be as short as possible to prevent the loss of heat in the billet.

Pressing: When the cake base is pressed for the first time, the cake base is aligned, and the distance between the circles is adjusted to prevent the cake base from being uneven.

Clarification and filtration: Crude oil after pressing has a lot of impurities, so it should be cooled quickly, and then filtered after standing for a period of time, so as not to deepen the color and increase the refining loss.

Most oils on the market today are refined and no longer contain gossypol. In fact, the oil itself has relatively good nutritional value and can be used with confidence, so there is no need to be too taboo.