Cottonseed oil processing equipment

First,Cottonseed oil processing equipment – cottonseed processing industry can to very rapid development. Cottonseed oil processing equipment In the process of historical change. The oil processing and manufacturing industry can reflect the historical process of a country’s transition from planned economy to communist market economy. Cottonseed oil processing equipment is very important at this time.


Second,it is a continuous oil production equipment. It can use organic solvents to dissolve grease. After soaking and spraying cotton seeds, it can effectively extract oil from oil. Cottonseed oil processing equipment can also apply to rapeseed, peanut, sesame and other oil crops. Preleaching can apply to one-time leaching of some oil products. With the progress of science and technology. The upgrading of oil refining equipment will be improved, and the level will occur improved.


Production equipment of cottonseed oil processing equipment has excellent technological and mechanical properties, which is the premise of ensuring continuous, efficient and stable production, and also plays an important role in improving product quality. Foreign oil production enterprises and domestic foreign-funded enterprises attach great importance to oil equipment.


Finally,the equipment includes screening machine, sheller, shell separator, steamer, oil press, leach equipment, cottonseed oil refining equipment, etc.

Our oil press is apply to process various oily materials such as rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut and wild vegetable oil such as rice bran, corn germ, powder oil and safflower.


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