Two Factors Driving Cottonseed Oil’s Resurgence

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Cottonseed oil was one of the primary cooking oils in the early days. Cottonseed oil prices have risen again in recent years. There are two main factors driving the development of extract cottonseed oil.

One is the improvement of cottonseed oil production process.

In the past, the processing of cottonseed oil mostly used the traditional pressing method. Cottonseed oil is difficult to completely extract the oil in the oil during one pressing process. It will cost a lot of manpower and material resources to repeatedly press the oil. At present, the production of cottonseed oil mainly adopts solvent extraction method.
Cottonseed oil is extracted by leaching method, and cottonseed is treated by low-temperature one-time leaching process, which largely avoids protein denaturation and destruction, and ensures the nutritional value of cottonseed protein products. At the same time, the extraction of cottonseed oil by leaching can not only give full play to the oil extraction performance of the solvent, but also achieve the effect of extracting gossypol with methanol, achieving the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

The second is that the gossypol in the oil can be better separated from the modern production process.

At the beginning, the reason why cottonseed oil was quiet was because the oil contained gossypol, which is not good for the human body if eaten directly, but in fact, gossypol also has high economic value after being properly processed, and the current production can already make the oil fully Dephenolization.

Before processing, the cottonseed will be separated from the kernel and shell through the shelling and kernel shell separation device, and then processed to reduce the content of shell and short fiber in the kernel, and then sent to the extractor to extract cottonseed oil, and the wet meal after extraction is directly in the multi-stage In the dephenol extraction equipment, the dephenolization treatment is carried out by the dephenolization solvent, and after the dephenolization, the desolventization is carried out by mechanical desolventization and low-temperature drying to obtain the dephenolized cottonseed protein product.

The multi-stage dephenolization of cottonseed oil designed and manufactured by BTMA uses a dephenolization solvent of appropriate concentration and temperature to rapidly extract a large amount of free gossypol in a short period of time, avoiding the formation of denatured gossypol, combined gossypol and other forms of gossypol derivatives , reducing the content of free gossypol in crude oil and cake.

With a variety of technical support and equipment cooperation, the quality of cottonseed oil produced by BTMA has reached the standard of contemporary edible oil. People don’t have to worry about health problems when eating cottonseed oil, which in turn promotes the development of cottonseed oil.