Solutions to common faults of oil press

Because the oil press enterprise is getting warmer and hotter, increasingly people make investments within the oil urgent industry, and there are increasingly more oil urgent workshops. people noticed the benefits of the oil extraction enterprise, and many humans invested in the oil extraction industry. however, many clients lack the know-how of preservation after shopping for the oil press and do no longer recognize the way to remedy commonplace faults. the following btma agency will introduce the answers to these issues for you.

Btma-employer oil press classifies and summarizes the common faults and remedy measures of oil presses:

First: new machine grinding of oil press

When the customer buys a brand new gadget, it ought to be floored with cake and coarse sand for 1-2 hours to obtain the lubrication of the gadget, so that the use effect is higher.

Two: the oil press gives black oil

The approach to deal with the trouble of black oil: inside the system of pre-heating or frying, try to use low warmth, lower the temperature, and lengthen the frying time appropriately. squeeze equipment as some distance as viable to use absolutely automated oil presses, this is, round row presses. due to the fact the spherical platoon machine can offer the most stress of the blasting chamber inside the most unit phase, it can make certain that the oil is squeezed out in the first press after the vegetation is fed, and the cake is formed, and the second one press at excessive temperature is reduced to the greatest extent. sooner or later, a vacuum oil filter may be used to process the crude oil within the ultimate step, on the way to reach the best well-known oil first-class.

Third: oil press running slag

It’s far a regular phenomenon if there is a small quantity of slag running while the screw oil press is pressed (the slag going for walks is permitted to attain five%).

If the amount of slag going for walks is huge, it’s miles vital to prevent the adjustment. from the factor of view of the oil, if the moisture content material of the oil is improper, too dry or too moist, there can be slag strolling. white foam. if the oil is simply too dry, the slag within the row may be powdery, the cake will turn white and become powdery, the oil waft will now not be clean, and the oil outlet gap within the press chamber has to be less. that is to mention, it ought to be tighter whilst the row is established, and the last row needs to be hammered by using hand, and the tightening nut has to be tightened for the row of oil press.

Fourth: go back for oil from the oil press

If the oil press indicates an oil go-back phenomenon: this is, there may be oil inside the hopper. for plants with low oil content material in pressed oil vegetation, oil return not often occurs, because oil go back is a phenomenon that is simple to arise whilst urgent oil flora with better oil content material. the gap between the rows is simply too small: (that is, the rows are tight), use pads to adjust the distance among the rows, if it’s miles an oil press gadget, similarly to adjusting the distance between the rows, you must also relax and tighten the nuts to increase the space between the drainage oil. Faults of oil press

Five: the oil press does now not produce cakes

The cake output isn’t smooth, or the cake is not produced, and the material isn’t fed: the oil press does not feed the material and does not produce the cake, that is specified as a result of fallacious use without running in while the brand new machine is first used. the blades of the feed screw turn up so that no feed is fed), and it ought to be adjusted when the moisture content of the oil isn’t always correct. if it isn’t a trouble of water content, whilst using a new machine, it needs to be operated strictly in line with the commands, and the feeding has to be controlled slowly, and ordinary pressing can handiest be done whilst the temperature of the system rises above 80 levels. and the brand-new device wishes to run inside the machine, usually using cake and coarse sand to run within the system for 1-2 hours. Faults of oil press

Sixth: the oil of the oil press is blocked

The primary cause of why the belt oiling does not raise the cloth is that the decreased part of the conveyor of the bucket elevator has an excessive amount of oil collected, causing a blockage. you may open the door on the decreased part of the conveyor to clean up the accrued oil. Faults of oil press