Cold-pressed sunflower oil – rich in nutrients

Sunflower seed is a great oil plant with an oil content material as high as forty%~50%. the sunflower seed oil received thru processing and extraction is obvious in shade, fragrant and delicious, and the unsaturated fatty acid content in the oil is about eighty%. the primary components are linoleic acid, oleic acid and nutrition e, and it is not clean to supply oily smoke whilst cooking. it’s far a healthful and nutritious oil identified at home and overseas.

Among many bulk oils, sunflower oil has a decrease role than soybean oil, rapeseed oil and palm oil. in recent years, the extraction and processing of sunflower oil has superior via leaps and bounds, and it’s miles produced in big portions in ukraine, russia, kazakhstan and different countries.
the extraction of sunflower oil ordinarily adopts the traditional urgent manner, and the oil in the oil is separated by way of bodily stress drop. the benefit of this method is that the production system does no longer involve including any chemical materials, and the numerous components of the squeezed oil remain fantastically complete. meals cost is highly excessive.

The method of pressing sunflower seeds may be divided into bloodless urgent and hot pressing. bloodless pressing is the oil manufacturing through physical and mechanical motion. earlier than pressing, the oil is despatched to the oil press for pressing with out heating or at low temperature. the entire process of bloodless urgent is executed at low temperature, and the pressed oil retains the authentic flavor of the oil.

Warm pressing is a pretreatment process such as roasting and roasting of sunflower seeds. During the excessive-temperature roasting manner, the aroma of sunflower oil is expanded and the product also can growth the oxidation stability, fully destroying the tissue of the oil after which urgent.

The oil yield of hot urgent is exceedingly best, and maximum of the oil may be extracted, but the excessive temperature is straightforward to cause the lack of nutrients. Cold pressed sunflower oil can higher hold the vitamins within the oil, and is very popular in small and medium-sized oil factories. some circle of relatives workshops additionally use bloodless-pressed technique to make safe to eat oil.


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