6LY-130 cold pressed sunflower oil machine

6YL-130 sunflower oil machine

Sunflowers can be divided into two types based on their uses: oil sunflowers (for making oil) and food sunflowers (for making food). Our 6YL-130 sunflower oil machine can produce high-quality oil from food sunflowers, with a clear color and a high return on investment.

Sunflower oil is made from the oil from sunflower seeds. It is high in “linoleic acid” (a type of fatty acid), which can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent atherosclerosis. It is also high in nutritional value and is especially beneficial for people with cardiovascular disease.

The sunflower oil extraction process begins by removing the oil from the sunflower seeds. The seeds are crushed and the oil is extracted from the seeds using a machine.

To make oil, you need to heat the seeds. Heat treatment makes the seeds more flexible so they can be squeezed more easily. This process affects how much oil is extracted, as well as the quality of the oil.

In Step 2

The press bar has a zigzag curve and a conical surface. When the rapeseed is pressed, it is pushed and squeezed by the snail, which changes the volume of the space between the snail and the inner wall of the press cage. This causes the inner wall of the pressing cage to have a zigzag shape, which means that the raw material is pressed and relaxed alternately, and the structure of the raw material is constantly adjusted and evenly turned. This makes the unsqueezed oil or the squeezed oil relatively small.

Finally, the sunflower oil is pressed by an automatic oil press. This process leaves some oil residue. To get a pure product, we use oil filter equipment to clean the residue and get pure edible oil. We generally recommend people who open oil mills use air pressure filters. This type of equipment has a heating function that helps clean the oil residue. After treatment, the oil becomes “cooked oil”. After filtering, the oil foam is less, and the oil can be filtered out.