Cold pressed or hot pressed oil, such as soybeans?

Automatic soybean oil press equipment

One: cold press or hot press good soybeans?(soybean oil press equipment)

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Two: cold pressing characteristics of soybeans

Fully automatic cold press soybean equipment

Advantages of cold pressing: cold pressed oil has natural properties, avoiding the adverse effects of traditional high temperature oil pressing processing. Cold-pressed refined oils retain the natural flavor and color of the oil and completely retain the physiologically active substances in the oil.

1.Low-temperature cold-pressed and fine filtration process production of soybean oil ensures that the various nutrients in soybeans are not destroyed, effectively eliminate the residues of acid, alkali, heavy metals and cholesterol and other harmful substances, so that the oil gives off a natural fragrance.

2.The nutrition in cold pressed soybean oil can promote the development of nervous system, bone and brain in children. Women often use it to help metabolism and make skin rosy and delicate.

3.It has less smoke and no harmful substances. Fumes from leached oil contain harmful chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde, which can easily damage lungs and skin.

4. Cold pressed bean cakes can be reprocessed into food.

Three: cold press disadvantages:

Some oils are not suitable for cold pressing. Take soybeans, high-erucic rapeseed, cottonseed peanuts, and sesame.

Soybean oil contains a bean-y smell, high-erucic canola oil has a pungent taste, and gossycolic toxins in cottonseed oil and aflatoxin in metamorphic oils must be removed after refining. The e aroma of sesame oil and aromatic peanut oil must be obtained by a hot pressing process.

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Advantages of hot press:

Hot pressing (mature pressing) process is mainly used for processing strong flavor edible oil, such as peanut oil, canola oil, sesame oil and so on. The oil is steamed in a roaster and then pressed. Cooked oil has a strong aroma and excellent taste, especially sesame peanuts. This type of oil is richer, more aromatic and has a higher oil yield than the cold press process;

Disadvantages of hot press:

Oil must be refined before it can be eaten. At the same time, the high temperature oil press in the press process caused a large number of oil bioactive substances (vitamin E, alcohol carotenoids, etc.) loss, resulting in a waste of resources. For different oils. When buying machinery and equipment, it is best to combine their own choices.