BTAM-What are the characteristics of vacuum oil filter?

It is a kind of oil filter, its main feature is vacuum filtration of the oil. The vacuum oil filter uses vacuum to feed oil. It is equipped with a tubular rotary injector to reduce the resistance. Vacuum oil filter has the characteristics of one machine. If you choose to buy our oil filter. it can save you work, save time, and ensure the purity of the oil.

Operation method of vacuum oil filter

Use a vacuum filter to filter the oil. First of all, you need to prepare the pre-pressed oil. Start the cooling water pump first. Checking whether the water circulation is normal.  moving the vacuum pump. So that the oil in the vacuum pump can run normally. Then make the vacuum pump run continuously. Starting the drain pump switch. Start to drain oil filter impurities oil circuit normal circulation.opening the heater switch. The water in the volatile oil. If there is more water in the oil. It is necessary to open the air to control the vacuum degree and wait for the water to decrease. In the process of oil filtration, you need to always pay attention to the reaction of each instrument to prevent leakage. Finally, opening the air valve, so that the vacuum degree to reach normal atmospheric pressure, exhaust the oil in the cylinder. In particular, it is necessary to clean the water in the vacuum pump and the water tank in winter, otherwise the vacuum pump storage tank will be damaged by freezing.

Use and precautions of vacuum oil filter

1.Use vacuum oil filter for filtration, the temperature of this oil is generally controlled at 40~60°.
2.The most important point is that fireworks are strictly prohibiting at the work site of the oil filter,smoking is not allow near the oil filter equipment.
3. When using the oil heater, the oil pump should be turned on first. Then the heater should be applied. 
4. The last point is that the filter element can be replaced  in 1-3 months without blockage of the vacuum oil filter. The dirty oil in the shell body can discharge to clean the inside of the machine.