BTAM-What are the characteristics of spiral oil press?

6YL series spiral oil press is mainly used for cold pressing, which is suitable for pressing rape seed, soybean, peanut, cotton seed, sunflower seed, tong seed and other plant oil. It has the characteristics of less investment, simple matching, easy maintenance, strong adaptability and high oil output efficiency, and is suitable for users with large amount of oil press.

Characteristics of spiral oil press:


1.Oil processing capacity per 24 hours

Canola oil and cottonseed oil,which can arrive 6~7 ton handling capacity 24 per.The Soybeans oil and peanut oil,which can arrive 5.5~6.5 ton handling capacity.


2.The characteristics of oil output efficiency of 6YL type oil press

About the Canola oil,cottonseed oil,Soybeans oil,peanut oil and so on.Thei oil output efficiency can be greater than or equal to 92.At the same time, this power is 11 kW.


3.Essential process of oil extraction

Above message need the essential process of extraction that Cleaning, shell stripping, rolling embryo, steaming and frying and other auxiliary materials are fully equipped, reasonable technology, normal operation, using “hot pressing method” can achieve the index.

The above is the relevant characteristics of the screw press, for reference only.If you are interested in the flowers, you can contact us to discuss specifically

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