Characteristics of coconut oil press

With people’s increasing attention to health, a new type of oil press – coconut oil press came into being. We know that coconut water is eaten in many places. If you want to eat coconut, you have to go to the beach or buy it from the market. But if we dig for the coconut, it will be more expensive because there is so little coconut. So many people will choose some machines that can be convenient and fast to do some convenient and fast access. Today I’m going to introduce you to a new coconut oil press technology.    coconut oil press

1. Coconut meat must be picked when it is fresh, which can not only ensure the quality of coconut meat, but also ensure the efficiency of oil production of the machine. 

2. Then put the coconut meat into the working cylinder of the oil press, and then switch on the power to start the oil press.    coconut oil press

3. Strain out the juice after squeezing.  

4. The juice is purest and can be drunk.   

5. In the process of operation, it is necessary to ensure safety first before carrying out other operations.   

6. If you want to know more about the new oil press equipment, please consult us.    coconut oil press

Leave the fresh coconut out in the yard for about a day until the skin dries. Finally, remove the skin from the coconut, because if the skin is not removed in time, it will cause the coconut water to become bitter.

• The best way to juice the coconut is to peel the skin off the coconut and then cut it into chunks with a knife, as this will produce a purer coconut juice. If you feel that the coconut water is not pure enough, you can peel off the coconut again. We put the coconut cubes on the machine and just press them. We have to pay attention to make sure that the coconut water is clean, otherwise it will affect the taste of the coconut meat. Once the coconut is out, it’s ready to go into the blender, which will make the juice into a paste more quickly.  coconut oil press

• Once the coconut has been juiced, the grainer is used to remove the residue and press it through a juicer, squeezing it until it is half full to separate the juice from the residue.