What are the functions and characteristics of 6YL160 oil press?

6YL-160 oil press is an advanced oil press equipment, with simple design, convenient operation, wide range of application, continuous operation, high productivity, high oil yield characteristics. Most important,this type of oil press can apply to a variety of oil seeds. Depending on the oil content of the particular crop you are pressing, the machine will extract 90-95% of the oil. 

For rape and is about 300 kg per ton. With only about half the soy crop, the rest of the cake is more worthwhile as animal feed.

Capacity:14-18 T/D





Operation skills of 6YL-160 oil press

The operation of the oil press main based on the axial movement of the material in the oil press. There are some tips for you as follows. Electric motors ranging from 7.5 to 30 horse power apply to power the machine. The electric heating ring electrically accociate with the electric cabinet to connect the power supply and heat the machine chamber to increase the temperature of the seeds in the shell and improve the oil yield. The oil seeds are then fed from the hopper into a press chamber pushed by a continuously rotating worm. When the motor is switched on, the spindle and the auger that will move the heated seeds along the press chamber and pack them to the far end will begin to rotate. Compression is achieving by reducing the pitch of the auger, which design for a screw press. The conditioned seeds compressing and the oil content  squeezing out through slots by the chamber. The heating of the seeds and the high pressure in the press chamber resulting from the dramatic reduction in volume ensure that the oil is discharged.

We also match motor, diesel engine. According to your needs, we design different sizes of pulley to achieve maximum capacity and oil output. We also have 1-20 tons/day of small oil press for your choice. If you are interested in our 6YL oil press, please feel free to contact us