BTMA-How to clean of centrifugal oil filter

The steps to clean theh centrifugal oil filter are as follows:

What are the cleaning steps of the centrifugal oil filter, how to deep clean the centrifugal oil filter

1. Turn off the power switch and disconnect the power supply. Remove the plug of the oil inlet connector of the oil depot, drain all the internal oil, and then screw it on. If you need to speed up the oil discharge, you can press the air release plug at the same time.

2. Remove the centrifuge outlet connector, remove the system shield and belt, and remove the fixing screws at the bottom of the garage system.

3. Remove the vent plug at the device, then install the removal tool at the function, screw the pipe joint to the outer fairing, screw three to four times, screw the nut at the bolt to the foundation, and maintain the nut onto the lowest plate while going up, unscrew.

4. Mobilize the nut to sink the equipment cover to the lowest point, press down the boss of the collar through the small groove at the lower end of the quilt, and then take the collar out of the groove of the quilt. After the nut is loose, take out a new pipe joint and tighten it on the pressure plate, screw it to the bottom, separate the outer cover from the contact point, and take off the outer cover.

5. Remove the stress plate, remove the center assembly, soak in gasoline or oil collector for 20 minutes, wash and dry naturally. At the same time, remove the front panel of the dust collection chamber, wipe the dust collection chamber clean with a rag, and then reinstall it.

6. Smooth out the grease in the impeller in time, rinse it off, and let it dry naturally or blow it off with an air gun.

7 Once the unit has been cleaned of grease, begin reassembly. When installing the clamp, first screw the pipe joint into the hollow of the plug, rotate it 3~4 times, then screw the bolt into the force plate, tighten the explosion-proof nut until it expands outward to the end, and finally install the clamp.

8. Unscrew the buried nut, unscrew the pendulum bolt and pipe joint, and screw on the plug. Reinstall the centrifugal marine engine on the hull, tighten the screws, and keep the inlet and outlet connectors tightly connected to the connectors on the engine base.

9. Connect the power supply, connect the transmission, start the gear pump, fill the device with oil, pull the stop valve, change the pressure, and check the device.

10. Open the belt mounting opening, install the belt, and then reinstall the belt to the installed window cover. The above is the whole process of cleaning and dismantling the centrifugal oil filter.