BTMA-Why is the peanut oil squeezed by the screw press dark?

Screw Oil press is very popularly used in the market of oil making.There are many types of raw materials that can be squeezed by a screw press. Rapeseed, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds are relatively common oilsseeds.

 The color of the oil squeezed from different oilsseeds is different. Whether it is processing or selling oil, ordinary people like the color of the oil they squeezed to look better. Generally, the color of oil is mainly golden. Some customers report that the color of the peanut oil pressed by the screw press is dark?

 There are two processes for pressing the peanuts with the screw press, one is hot press and the other is cold press .Cold press is to squeeze directly without cooking seeds. The color of the oil is maintained, so the squeezed oil is relatively golden. Very clear.

Nowadays, more and more people recognize that cold press can well preserve the operating cost of peanut oil. One of the major advantages of cold press is that the color of the squeezed oil is clear and beautiful.

The black color of the peanut oil pressed by the screw press is mainly for the HOT PRESS. Hot press requires cooked seeds, in other words, the seeds should be cooked by the cooker.

Peanuts often have a red coat. The red coat will be charred during the process of frying the seeds. Some novices can’t grasp the problem of small fire, so it is easy to burn the seeds when they are fried. The skin of the fried peanuts is black, so the color of the squeezed oil will also be black. The main solution is to use a closed seed frying machine. The closed seed frying machine is both steamed and fried, and can retain the moisture in the peanuts well, so it is not easy to fry the seeds when they are fried. The color of the peanut oil squeezed out in this way is relatively good-looking. Whether it is raw or cooked. The crude peanut oil that is squeezed out needs to be filtered to filter out the impurities in the oil, so that you can get good-looking peanut oil.

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