BTMA-What should I do if there is oil residue in the oil squeezed by the screw press?

1: check whether the rings is installed properly;

Solution: Reinstall the rings;

2: the oil moisture is too high or the moisture is too low;

Judgment method: When the oil press is running, if the cake is broken like slag, it means that the water content in the raw material is too low. On the contrary, if the cake is found to be hot and uniform and emit steam into large flakes, it is because the moisture is too high. At this time, the user should promptly The moisture content in the raw material is adjusted.

Solution: The slag with too much moisture will turn white, and even the biscuits will not be formed. The slag with too low moisture is dark brown powder. So we grasp the oil moisture.

3: the pressing ring is rotten and has cracks;

Solution: replace the pressing ring;

4: the screw is not pressed;

Solution: Tighten the screw;

5: the oil line is not opened properly;

Solution: reopen the oil line;

6: Too much round slag discharge means that the tightening nut is not pressed tightly. In the case of moderate moisture, the bar can discharge no slag or less slag, and the round discharge of a small amount of slag is allowed by the oil press.

7: Excessive slag leakage during oil extraction. In general, there will be a small amount of slag leakage, but too much slag leakage is not normal. May be caused by the cake being too thin. In this case, the thickness of the cake should be adjusted appropriately according to the requirements of the instructions. It may be caused by the poor plasticity of the oil, the difficulty in producing cakes, and the increase in the pressure of the machine chamber. In this case, appropriate water can be added, the machine can be run, and the temperature of the screw press can be increased, so that the plasticity of the oil can be improved. May be caused by excessive bar clearance or individual bar bending. It should be checked. If it is because the gap of the press bar is too large, the gap of the press bar should be adjusted in time; if it is because the press bar is bent, the press bar needs to be removed, and the press bar should be straightened by grinding, horn, etc., and then reinstalled.

8: After the oil press has been used for a long time, the oil grooves of the press strip and the press ring are too deep. For this reason, we need to adjust the position of the press strip and press ring. If the cake is too thin and the pressure in the pressing chamber is too high, we need to enlarge the thickness of the cake to relieve the pressure. Too many pressing times is a good solution. It is enough to reduce the pressing times. The wear of parts is the main reason for slag leakage of most oil pressing equipment. Too dry oil will also cause slag formation, and the moisture can be appropriately increased.