BTMA- What is the working principle of centrifugal oil filter

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Centrifugal oil filter can be said to be a very advanced filtration equipment on the market, and it is also the main filtration equipment

Principle of centrifugal oil filter: The centrifugal oil filter uses the different densities of oil, water and impurities, and the centrifugal force generated when rotating in the centrifugal oil filter is used for separation and purification. Among them, the oil is light and gathers in the heart of the rotating drum; the density of water is slightly higher and is thrown on the outer layer of oil; and the solid impurities in the oil are thrown on the outer layer, thus achieving the purpose of separation and purification.

Centrifugal oil filter is the result of high-speed separation of mass ratio without filter cloth and medium filtration. It is an advanced equipment that completely solves the problem of oil quality. The thickness of the steel plate at the bottom of the outer barrel of the centrifugal oil filter, the thickness of the outer barrel wall, the inner barrel, the motor and the bearings are all produced with international standard quality, and there are special dynamic and static balance machines to check the balance of the equipment. The centrifugal oil filter should be cleaned in time. Generally, it should be cleaned once every 5-6 hours, and it should be checked once a year.

Special attention should be paid to when filtering different quality, different types and different types of oil, the inside of the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise it will easily contaminate the filtered oil.

One: working principle

    Centrifugal oil filter is the leading research and development of our Pentium Machinery, which is carefully designed by our scientific and technical personnel, and is an advanced oil filtering equipment that meets the standards.

    This machine uses the powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating drum to separate the slag and oil-solid-liquid with different mass-to-weight ratios to achieve the purpose of oil filtration. It can be directly exposed to fire for experiments without foaming or overflowing the pot.

    The filtration equipment that we have used in the past, such as: plate and frame filtration, vacuum filtration, and air pressure filtration are all called media filtration (media refers to filter cloth and filter screen). Because of the difference in the mesh size of the media filter cloth, the filtration process The medium and large slag is filtered out, and the fine particles flow through the mesh to the oil. This is the effect of these filtering devices in the past to relatively solve the oil quality problem. In terms of operation, the oil gel in the crude oil reduces the mesh After plugging, it is necessary to repeatedly disassemble and replace the filter cloth, and clean the filter cloth and subsequent consumables.

    The centrifugal oil filter does not need filter cloth but does not filter by media. It is the result of high-speed separation of mass-to-weight ratio. It is an advanced equipment that completely solves the problem of oil quality.

Two: Operation

     1. Add the machine-pressed hot crude oil to 1-1.5% of hot salt water and stir thoroughly. The purpose is to dephosphorize. Because phosphorus can cause osteoporosis and other diseases to the human body, one of the national oil standards is the index content of phosphorus. The limit, H2O. NaCl (brine) and phosphorus P produce a chemical reaction to form heavy salts Na2P5O (sodium phosphate) and H2↑ (hydrogen) ② Add salt water to make the fine particles absorb water and become heavier;

     2. Turn on the power of the centrifugal oil filter, and then add the salted crude oil. The crude oil flows from the oil flow pipe of the oil hopper through the hollow shaft at the upper end of the centrifuge to the small nylon disc at the bottom of the drum. The disc quickly distributes the crude oil evenly to the inner wall of the drum. At this time, the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating drum separates the solid and liquid of different weights. After the crude oil is added, the power is turned off and the drum is turned off. After the gradual stop, the net oil will automatically flow out to achieve the purpose of fine filtration. It only takes 5-6 minutes before and after, and the filtration volume per hour is 250-350 kg of oil.

     3. Removal

     ① The slag cleaning in the drum is 800-1200 kg cleaning slag once, large diameter: large diameter bearings are used, no need to open the upper cover, and the slag can be shut down at any time to remove the slag, which is convenient and quick. The slag around the inner wall of the drum should be cleaned every time the slag is cleaned, otherwise the drum will be too heavy due to incomplete slag cleaning, which will cause machine vibration when re-filtering.

     ② The outer barrel is cleaned every 7-10 days. Similarly, after opening the upper cover of the outer barrel and the upper cover of the inner barrel respectively, remove the small screw on the small disk in the middle of the bottom of the inner barrel, and then the two of them hold hands vertically. Lift the inner barrel upwards to clear the bottom of the outer barrel. After cleaning, reinstall the inner barrel. Put the small disc and O-shaped rubber ring at the bottom of the inner barrel (to prevent oil leakage and seal) and tighten the small screws (not excessive) Tighten to prevent twisting), close the upper cover of the inner barrel and the upper cover of the outer barrel, and then you can start the machine again. Take care to prevent each component from being turned on if it is not installed properly.

    This will cause damage to the equipment, and the manufacturer will not provide warranty.

     4. The use of the centrifugal oil filter must be prefabricated with concrete foundations, anchor bolts should be pre-embedded according to the distance of the three anchor bolt holes, the precast concrete surface should be level, and rubber should be added between the prefabricated surface and the equipment foot. Anti-vibration pad.

Three: Tips

    The centrifugal oil filter was developed by us at the beginning of 2008. After it was put on the market in April 2009, it has been well received by users. In addition, we continue to improve product quality, improve product technical performance, and continuously improve product technology content, making our brand The products maintained strong sales momentum until the end of 2010. Recently, some manufacturers have imitated our products for market sales.

The worry is that they will compete maliciously, regardless of the safety of users, and greatly reduce the material. The performance is: the bottom plate of the outer barrel is R450-14mm thick, and they are reduced to Q230-10mm thick. , The wall thickness of the outer barrel is R450-4mm board, they are reduced to Q230-1.8mm thick, the inner barrel wall is R450-3.5mm board, they are reduced to Q230-2mm board, the motor and bearing adopt non-national standard quality to reduce Cost, there is no dynamic and static balance check equipment to carry out bad production, and to win over customers at low prices. In this regard, our Pentium Machinery solemnly reminds you:

     1. Product selection should be based on quality and technical content as the investment criteria. On the one hand, market competition is intuitive to bring you benefits, on the other hand, it determines the user’s personal choice. Our Pentium brand oil purifier will not reject customers at high prices. Outside the door

     2. The separation effect of the centrifugal oil filter depends on the level of the separation factor, which is directly related to the drum diameter and drum speed. That is to say, the higher the speed of the drum with the same diameter, the greater the centrifugal force, and the separation effect The better, the calculation method of centrifugal force is, assuming that 1 gram of object rotates at a high speed of 1440 rpm in a Φ430mm drum, the centrifugal force of this 1 gram of object: 1 gram × 215mm (radius) × 1440 rpm ÷1000 grams = 3kgN (centrifugal force).

What we want to explain to you is that the greater the centrifugal force, the better the separation effect. At the same time, the drum will experience material fatigue due to the centrifugal force for a long time. Of course, the smaller the material, the shorter the fatigue period, and drum tearing will occur. This talks about the use factor.

The use factor is first of all the material. In the material situation of our materials that we solemnly announced to all users, R450 refers to the high chromium material of the thermal pressure vessel, and Q230 is the ordinary material in the market.

The resistance strength of the two different materials of thickness is 6-10 times that of the former, and the tensile strength of the former is 3-5 times that of the latter. Specifically; R450-4mm outer barrel has a resistance of 16000kg/cm2, while Q230 -1.8mm outer barrel plate has an anti-strength of 2000 kg/cm2, and the tearing force produced by the torn drum is 250 kg/cm2. This is the proof that the national material table has all the materials used. The high chromium plate of R450 thermal pressure vessel is a national designated product for high pressure vessel materials.

It has strong tensile resistance and the centrifugal force of all high-speed rotating drums. , The material with relatively high tensile strength must be selected. At the same time, the material selection of the outer barrel plate also plays a precautionary measure. We purchase equipment to improve economic efficiency, but production and equipment quality determine everything.

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