BTMA-What is the prospect of oil press ?

It is a fact that every household can’t live without vegetable oil when cooking. With the constant development of the national economy, and the continuous improvement in the living standards of people, the demand is on the rise for edible vegetable oil, particularly original vegetable oil.

Vegetable oils have been in short supply since the recent spike in vegetable oil price. It has become a matter of urgent importance to rapidly develop the country’s related industry and accelerate the production of high-end small and medium-sized oil pressing equipment.

People who value their quality life are not going to be taking lightly the decision of whether or not to eat edible oil. It is important to eat healthy oil as well as green oil. The problem of illegal traders is complicated by their presence everywhere.

Pay attention to relevant media. There are many stories about doping using various fats, oil from waste, and reboiled oil. The credit crisis in the edible oil market is unprecedented.

The overwhelming selection of vegetable oils in supermarkets is making it difficult for consumers to choose safe, clean, and nutritious “squeezed” oils. Now, “squeezed olive oils” are synonymous with “healthy oil” and are gradually becoming people’s main cooking oil.

However, quality is severely compromised by a variety of technologies and machines as well as improper follow-up treatment.

Some workshops’ pressing processes are slow and many do not have the latest processing machines or procedures. The acid value of oil can easily exceed the standard, which means that it is easy for the oil to deteriorate. Additionally, the oil can foam easily and the moisture level exceeds the standards. There are also many impurities, such as colloids. There are many impurities such as heavy metals. Pesticide residues. Aflatoxins. ), which could be potentially harmful to the health of people.

As more people understand the importance of food safety, workshops equipped with professional pressing equipment and subsequent processing equipment can quickly gain the trust of customers. This is a huge opportunity! Society and government are well aware of the high-quality processing equipment and professional pressing technology provided by Henan Benteng Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.

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