BTMA-What are the Common fault inspection of oil press?

Screw oil press is a common oil press. Below, Benteng Machinery will introduce the solutions to common faults of oil press.

1. The moisture content of the squeezed material is low

The squeezing cage of the press makes a gurgling noise, the cake cannot be broken into pieces and is broken and dark brown, and the load current of the power motor is higher than 20 amperes;

The oil outlet position moves to the cake outlet direction, blue smoke is emitted from the cake outlet, the oil output is reduced, and the oil is dark brown.

If the above phenomenon lasts for too long, it will cause major mechanical damage accidents.

At this time, it is necessary to immediately reduce the steam pressure, increase the amount of direct steam injection in the upper steaming cylinder, close the discharge door, reduce the feeding to the press cage, increase the thickness of the cake, and let the load of the press gradually decrease. Adjust to restore it to normal working condition.

2. The squeezed material moisture is too high

l When the moisture content of the squeezed material is high, the following phenomena will occur:

The feed is small, or even no feed, or the feed and the shaft rotate together;

l The cake is loose and soft, with a lot of water vapor, the cake is with oil, and the cake and the shaft rotate together when the cake is discharged;

l The load of the motor decreases, and the working current is below 20 amperes;

lThe oil output is reduced, the oil is whitish and foamy, and the oil output position is moved to the feeding end. When the above situation occurs, the indirect steam pressure should be gradually increased immediately, the direct steam injection amount should be reduced, and some slag cake should be added to the feed port until the oil press returns to the normal state.

The above are the common troubleshooting methods of the oil press. If necessary, please feel free to communicate with WhatsApp +8618438632269 or by email.

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