BTMA- Effect of Moisture Content and Temperature on Rapeseed Oil Press

Theoretical research results show that during the process of pressing rapeseed oil ,the rapeseed should have appropriate moisture and temperature.

That is to say, the fluidity of the material embryo should be good, the viscosity and surface tension of the oil should be reduced as much as possible, and the material embryo should have appropriate plasticity and elasticity to maintain the normal pressure of the pressure chamber.

The actual test also shows that the moisture content of the material embryo cannot be lower than the upper limit of the cake, and the suitable temperature range is 110 ~ 130 ℃.

If the water content is too high, the material will become lumpy, which will affect the oil output; on the contrary, if the water content is too low, the material will be pressed into powder, which will easily coke and block the chamber.

Similarly, if the temperature of the oil press is too high, the sugar in the embryo will be scorched, the protein and other components will be destroyed, the color of the oil will darken, and the quality of the oil will be affected; on the contrary, when the temperature is too low, normal physical changes cannot be formed. Biochemical conditions.

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