BTMA-Introduction of Soybean Extruder Machine

We use Soybean extruder machine for pretreatment of soybean, corn, soybean meal, etC. After being expanded and disinfected, soybeans can be directly used for pressing or leaching to extract oil. The extruder machine is an ideal pretreatment equipment for the oil to puff the green embryo or the pre- pressed cake before leaching with solvent. Domestic and foreign oil manufacturers widely recognized and adopted it due  to its remarkable achievements in saving equipment investment, increasing production and reducing energy consumption.

Dry Material Extruding Machine Features

Dry material extruding machine has wide application range, strong applicability, adjustable temperature, and pressure. It can extrude various single raw materials and crushed materials. It can sterilize, antivirus, improve quality and improve digestion and absorption rate.

  • The HBK series extruding machine is a dry puffing machine .And it can be self- cooked without an external heat source and is easy to use.

  • We treat vulnerable parts with high strength surface to extend service life and reduce customer cost.

  • We can adapt the adjusted temperature and pressure to different oil production standards.It realizes these advantages of effectively strilizing and detoxifying. And it can changeanti-nutritional factors, reducing the degradation of nutrients, and improving the digestibility of protein and starch.

  • We can dehydrate the puffed oil material by 3-6%.

  • The change in the structure of the extruded soybean can reduce the solvent consumption and the dry residue rate of the soybean meal, the productivity of the extractor is greatly improved.

Working Principle of Soybean Extruder

The soybean extruder’s main screw shaft consisting of broken tooth helices rotates in the puffing cavity of the extruder, which causes mixing, extrusion, heating, shearing, raking and the like on the material. It can destroye the oilseed cells completely , and the intracellular oil is fully exposed under high temperature and high pressure. Next,we extrude the oil material  from the die hole, and the temperature & pressure in the drial to puff. As a result of the expansion, it is easier to infiltrate the solvent cells into the oil cells and itl is easier to leach the oi from the material cells. Thereby improving the leaching and desolvation efficiency. What’s more, a moderate extruding also increases the bulk density of the oil material (compared to the raw embryo). Thus increasing the processing capacity of the leaching equipment. Since the oil material stays in the oil extruder for a short period of time, it is extremely advantageous for protecting the quality of the raw material.

0il Seed Puffing Machine Uses

  1. In oil pretreatment and feed processing industry we mainly use 0ilseed puffing machine in the processing of raw materials such as expanded soybean powder, grain, corn, etc. in feed processing.  We can use it for oil pretreatment in oil and fat industry.
  2. In the snack food industry we also use this machine  for processing snack .In the food industry, processing extrude food such as puff corn.
  3. In the chemical industry ,The application of the extruding machine to the pretreatment of resistant starch (RS) is due to the pre-gelatinization effect of the extrusion process during the preparation of resistant starch.It can improve the gelatinization degree of starch. And the starch can be gelatinized to more than 90% after being extruded and pressed. Only when the starch is completely gelatinized. The amylase and the pulverized enzyme can become fully effective. Thereby increasing the yield of the resistant starch.