BTMA-How To Use Peanut Sheller Properly?

In people’s cooking process, peanut oil is a very common oil, and peanuts are used as the main oil for producing edible oil. But some clients will wonder if i need to use a peanut sheller before using a oil press pressing peanut?

There is a shell on the outside of the peanut fruit. The peanut oil press of Pentium Machinery can squeeze peanuts without peeling, but the output is small. Therefore, in the main flower production areas, it is necessary to achieve high-yield work through peeling. At this time, the peanut peeling machine is particularly important.

Today we are going to popularize the method of correctly using the peanut sheller to make the equipment produce,and analyze how to use it properly.

Operation method and precautions of peanut sheller

1. Before use, check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether there is lubricating oil in each bearing, and the sheller should be placed on a stable ground.

2. Before use, check the power supply and the switch must be in the off position.

3. After the motor is started, the rotation of the rotor should be consistent with the direction indicated on the implement. Run idling for a few minutes first and observe for abnormal noises. When the operation is normal, peanuts can be fed evenly

4. When peanuts are put into the machine, they must be even and appropriate, and they must not contain iron filings, stones and other sundries to prevent breaking the peanuts and causing mechanical accidents. When the peanuts cover the sieve, turn on the rice outlet switch.

5. Peanuts should be dry and wet properly. Too dry will result in high crushing rate, and too wet will affect work efficiency. Choose an appropriate screen according to the size of peanuts.

 6. When there are more peanut shells in the peanuts, the motor can be moved down to tighten the fan belt and increase the amount of blowing.

7. During operation, people should not stand on the side of the belt drive to avoid injury.

8. After a period of use, when preparing to store the machine, it should be cleaned of dust, dirt and remaining grains inside. The machine should be well covered and placed in a dry warehouse to avoid sun and rain.

9. Remove the belt and store it separately.

10. Clean the bearings with diesel oil, dry them and apply butter.

11. There should be sufficient lubricating oil in the transmission part and the bearing room. And to be cleaned and replaced regularly. The peanut sheller is environmentally friendly equipment, so users do not use it, but dust will come out during use. During use, it must be used strictly in accordance with the operation and attention methods. Avoid injury and malfunction of the machine.

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