BTMA-How to install and debug the oil press?

 After the customer purchases the Benteng oil press and receives the oil press, they need to install and debug the Benteng oil press. But how to install and debug it? The following Pentium manufacturer introduces how to debug the oil press.

  How to debug the Benteng oil press

1. Before starting the machine, check the oil press. The fasteners should not be loosened, the handle should be rotated normally, and the pulley should be turned by hand, and the running parts should be normal.

2. After the power is turned on, loosen the lock nut and turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise (the adjustment handle rotates counterclockwise to narrow the gap between the cakes, and the adjustment handle rotates clockwise to widen the gap between the cakes) to make the taper of the squeezed screw Tighten the cone surface of the cake ring, then turn out the adjusting screw clockwise (screw out 3-5 turns), and then tighten the nut, and the oil press idling for 3-5 minutes.

The temperature of the oil press is raised to 120°C-180°C (depending on the oil material), which is convenient for the oil press to start pressing, so as not to affect the oil output rate of the oil.

Press the main motor button, (turn the main motor switch to the positive position) the main motor starts to run, and the direction of rotation should be counterclockwise.

When the oil pressing work starts, it is forbidden to pour the material directly, and the material must be grasped by hand to prevent the screw shaft from jamming. If the feed is too strong, there are abnormal noises in the press chamber or the press screw shaft is stuck, clear the obstruction, or start the grinding after reassembly, and it is strictly forbidden to forcibly trailer.

During normal oil extraction, keep the feed evenly, and don’t run too much or too little or if the material is cut off and idling. At this time, the load of the machine is normal, the operation is stable, and the sound is rhythmic. The cake output is smooth, there is basically no residue in the low pressure section, and a small amount of oil residue in the high pressure section, but the proportion of the residue in the oil is not more than 10%. The temperature in the press chamber can reach 150-200℃, and the green smoke from the cake outlet should pass through The shield is discharged from the smoking pipe. When the continuous working time is long and the temperature of the machine is too high, cooling measures such as electric fan and blower should be taken.

When the squeezed oil flows into the oil filter, press the button of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump starts to run, the air in the oil filter is drawn out, the internal pressure is formed in the oil filter barrel, and the oil above is naturally drawn into the oil filter , And the oil residue is separated on the filter cloth. When the oil is squeezed and the oil is pumped, open the valve on the oil filter and stop the vacuum pump. The dry residue is formed on the filter cloth, which can be scraped off with a scraper. The valve at the bottom of the oiler inside the oiler discharges.

7. Stop feeding before shutting down, and then put in a small amount of cake crumbs, wait until the remaining material in the squeezing chamber is exhausted, and the cake outlet can not be discharged before stopping the machine. After stopping the machine, turn the adjusting screw clockwise out 1-3 times, and then disconnect the power supply.


1. The oil press is connected to a three-phase power supply. After the power is turned on, the main shaft should rotate counterclockwise. No matter what the situation, the machine must have a good grounding device, otherwise it cannot be turned on.

2. The oil must be cleaned before entering the oil press to prevent hard objects from entering the oil press and damaging the oil press.  3. During the operation of the oil press, it is forbidden to remove the protective cover, and it is not allowed to reach into the hopper and to fiddle with the oil cake at the outlet.

     How to install the Benteng oil press

The installation procedure of the oil press is opposite to the disassembly procedure. When installing, pay attention to the fastening of the fittings. Except for the two bolts connecting the body and the bracket to be tightened, the rest of the body is connected to the positioning support plate, and the bracket is connected to the base. Do not tighten the parts for the time being. After the press screw shaft is installed so that the press screw cone surface is pressed against the cake outlet cone surface, then tighten the bolts of the machine base in turn to locate the nut at the support plate.

After the machine body is installed, whether the middle line of the press chamber is coaxial with the support, positioning support, and gearbox after installation. It can be judged from whether the press screw can be screwed in and out of the adjustment screw smoothly. Loosen the bolt connection of the bracket, reduction box, positioning support plate and the machine base for adjustment.

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