BTMA-How to heat up the oil press before working?

Many customers neglect the running-in and heating up of the equipment before starting the oil press. startpaginagroeneruimte This running-in and heating-up process makes the temperature in the press chamber have a greater impact on the pressing effect and oil yield of the oil press.

If there is not enough temperature, the raw material will be Normal pressure cannot be formed in the press chamber, and cake cannot be formed, which affects the oil output effect.

Many new customers tend to overlook the process of running-in and heating up. The operation method is as follows:

Mix the crushed dry cake with 10% hot water, mix well and press repeatedly (except for tea seed cake). When starting to feed, it should be slow and uniform (remember: the feed should not be too strong, and the material should not be too dry), and observe whether the cake is coming out of the cake.

If the cake is not coming out, turn the adjusting bolt clockwise 1-2 times to increase In the gap between the cakes, the feeding amount can be gradually increased after the cakes are normal, and the cakes and feedings are observed to be normal.

When repeated squeezing, the moisture in the dry cake gradually decreases, and you must pay attention to observation and inspection at any time, and appropriately increase the moisture.

In the stage of running-in and heating up, the oil press is most likely to jam the screw shaft due to improper operation and cause failures such as damage to the press sliver.

Therefore, users are particularly reminded: the moisture in the dry cake used for running-in must not be too little, and should be checked at any time, and the moisture should be kept at about 10% to avoid the occurrence of material jams. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the machine gradually rises from the feed end to the cake output end, until the temperature outside the press at the feed end feels hot before pressing can begin.

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