BTAM-Why choose to buy our oil press products?

We are Benteng Machine,the leader of the oil press  and oil press line,if you have need,please contact us any time,we will guarantee the best quality and service with the lowest price.


1.Q:Does your oil press save electricity?

A:our oil press products is energy – saving. Our production models that 3-5kg/h,8-12kg/h,50-75kg/h,100-200kg/h,200-250kg/h,250-350kg/h,300-400kg/h,350-500kg/h,500-600kg/h,700-1000kg/h. Different types of oil have different power,the voltage is 380v, but we can also design it to 220v,440v, and can design as your requirement.


2.Q:Is the oil press good to operate? Does it save manpower?

A:Our oil press only needs one person to operate, simple and convenient, saving labor.We have home use oil press, single screw oil press、automatic combined oil press and hydraulic oil press. Either way, it saves manpower


3.Q:Is the oil press productive?

A:Sure, our oil press has high oil yield,and the residue oil is < 6.5%.


4.Q:Do your oil presses have quality and technical guarantee?

A:Yes, our oil press products at the top level. The oil press can have one year for warranty after sale , we have professional engineers. We provide offer online support service at any time.


5.Q:What is the difference between single oil press and automatic combined oil press?

A:Single oil press is just only an oil press,automatic combined oil press is oil press with two vacuum oil filters,it is applied to the latest technology.It can press crude oil and filtrate oil at the same time, you can get the clean edible oil directly.Both the single oil press and automatic oil press can be used for various oilseeds with high oil yield,are very popularly among our clients.

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