BTAM-How to maintain the screw press?

After each use of the screw press, we should maintain the screw press, so as to ensure the long-term efficiency of the oil press.

The screw oil press is mainly composed of press chamber, frame, gear box, screw total distance and feed port. Some accessories in the press shaft and gear box are easy to replace. But,we can period to maintain if we want ensure the long-term efficiency of the oil press.

The maintain the screw pressessential point:


1.The lubrication condition can check that after every 50 hours of work. The oil cup above the reducer should not be short of oil. The bearing inside the adjustment screw shaft of the source squeeze should be pumped out and filled with butter from the adjustment screw hole.


2.Each lubricating part should prevent dust and other impurities from entering. Sichuan oil press should check the oil quality of the reducer once a year. If it is found to deteriorate, all the oil should to by it replaced.


3.When the amount of pressing is reducing and the cake or oil is not normal. The screw shaft should to extracted. The wear of the screw, the strip, the cake head and the cake mouth should be checked. The worn parts should be replaced in time.


4.After each work, the residual cake in the machine should be removed. The dust and grease on the surface of the machine should be wiped clean.


5.When stored for a long time after the end of the production season, a maintenance should to carried out, and the squeeze screw, squeeze strip and cake head should be disassembled, washed and recoated, and placed in a dry place.


6.After each oil extraction, the screw shaft should to remove from the cleaning residue, and the rotating mouth should be scrubbed with a dry cloth and cotton swab rod to prevent blockage.


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