Brief Introduction of Oil Yield of Various Oil Crops

The oil yield refers to the amount of oil extracted from each oil plant while oil plants consisting of peanuts and soybeans are squeezed. the calculation method is oil yield = oil yield weight ÷ (total weight – elimination weight) × a hundred% and the subsequent are various advents to oil production of oil crops.

1. Soybeans

Soybean is a splendid high-protein oil crop, with an oil content material of 15%-26%, and an oil yield: of 15%-25% consistent with the best of soybeans in one-of-a-kind places (Oil Yield of Various Oil Crops)

2. Rapeseed

Rapeseed (rape flower) is the simplest high-oil oilseed that may be grown all over the international, and it’s miles divided into two sorts: iciness rape and spring rape. the domestic planting place money owed for greater than forty% of the entire region of oil plants within the united states, and the oil content is 35%-50%. oil yield: 30%-forty five% in keeping with the nice of rapeseed in special places.

3. Cottonseed

Cottonseed, as the call suggests, is the seed of cotton. the entire cottonseed carries 15%-25% oil, and the cotton kernel incorporates 28%-39% oil.
oil yield: eleven%-25% relying on the pleasant of cotton seeds in numerous locations.

4. Peanuts

Originally called groundnut, it’s miles native to the south us. the kernel price of peanuts is 65%-seventy five%, and the oil content in peanut kernels is 40%-51%. oil yield: forty%-50% in line with the first-class of various places.

5. Sunflower seeds

Originating in Mexico, it’s far divided into suitable for eating sunflower (seed) and oil sunflower. Oil sunflowers are broadly speaking small black seeds, and the oil content material of the complete seeds is as excessive as 45%-54%, so oil sunflowers are specifically used for oil extraction, and the oil yield of sunflower seeds (oil sunflowers): 32%-42% according to the exceptional of different places.

6. Sesame (linseed)

Sesame, also known as sesame and flax, is the seed of flax, with an oil content of 45%-sixty-three%, called the queen of oil; sesame oil is one of the few vegetable oils that can be eaten without refining.
Sesame (flax) oil yield: forty-five%-fifty-five% relying on the satisfaction of each area.

7. Rice bran

Rice bran is a spinoff of rice processing, and five-eight kg of rice bran can be produced for each one hundred kg of brown rice processed. the oil content of rice bran is 14%-24%; the oil yield of rice bran: is 13%-17% according to the great of various locations.

8. Camellia seed

camellia oleifera is the seed of the camellia oleifera tree (camellia oleifera); camellia oleifera is mainly grown in the south of our united states. camellia oleifera seeds are shelled, the rate of kernels is 50%-seventy two%, the oil content of camellia oleifera seeds is 30%-forty%, and the oil yield of camellia oleifera seeds: 14%-27% consistent with the exception of various place.

9. Oil palm fruit (palm fruit)

Oil palm fruit is likewise known as palm fruit; it contains 45% to 50% oil and originated in Africa, but now it has unfolded all around the international; palm oil is the vegetable oil variety with the biggest manufacturing, consumption, and global alternate within the world, and soybean oil, rapeseed oil and referred to as “the arena’s three primary vegetable oils” oil yield: in keeping with the fine of various places, crude palm oil is 20%-22%, palm kernel oil is about 2%;
The actual urgent is also related to the equipment and technology used for oil crops, and the urgent technique (hot urgent or cold urgent). typically speak, taking peanuts, for instance, the better the urgent strain, the decrease the residue content, and the higher the residual oil charge of dry cake. the lower the oil yield, the higher the oil yield.  (Oil Yield of Various Oil Crops)