Avocado oil pressing in the country of Uganda

In order to fill the gap in traditional edible oil and meet the growing needs of the people, in Uganda, an East African country. How to press Avocado oil pressing? some companies have begun to try to extract oil from avocados.

How to extract oil from avocados.

This is the production base of a grain, oil and food company in Uganda. The staff are peeling the avocado to take out the fresh pulp, then drying it in the sun. And finally putting the dehydrated pulp on a homemade machine to squeeze out the avocado Oil. At present, this oil extraction method is still being certified by relevant institutions.

Uganda squeeze out the avocado Oil

It is reported that Uganda, known as the “fruit basket” of East Africa.  It is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in sub-Saharan Africa. And avocados are very popular in the country and are planted in a wide range.

Understood that Uganda relies on imports for 70% of edible oil, most of which is imported from Malaysia. However, due to the interruption of the supply chain and the soaring price. Uganda is facing a serious shortage of edible oil. Many local companies are trying to “self-reliance”. The idea of extracting oil from avocados quickly attracted so much attention that Godfrey Kiberu’s business.  They will received a $50,000 grant from the World Food Program to help him expand production.

The reported that Kiberu and his team hope to start full-scale production after the arrival of the new machine. And the first batch of avocado oil will available in the next three months.Avocado oil pressing

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