Cold pressed avocado oil machine-hydraulic oil press

Hydraulic avocado oil machine occupies an important position in the oil and fat market. The edible oil produced by the hydraulic oil press machine has good flavor, high quality and high price. It is usually used to process sesame, walnut, avocado and other oil crops.

The complete set of hydraulic oil press is mainly composed of transmission box, hydraulic cylinder, piston, column, movable top, base, barrel, distribution box, pressure gauge and automatic temperature control device. When working, the parts are closely matched, and the oil in the oil is squeezed out by physical external force to obtain edible oil that meets the expectations of the oil factory.

The hydraulic Hydraulic avocado oil machine is mainly affected by the quality of the equipment and the strength of the mechanical equipment factory. The selection of materials for the manufacture of the hydraulic oil press is an important factor affecting the price of the equipment. In terms of the price of carbon steel and stainless steel, stainless steel is used for equipment with the same processing capacity. The manufacturing price will be much higher than carbon steel manufacturing. As a small oil mill, if avocado is the main material to be extracted, then buying a suitable hydraulic oil press is the best choice.

Using a Hydraulic avocado oil machine to extract avocado can get a very high oil output effect. In terms of technology, avocado has a high oil content. Hydraulic avocado oil press is a kind of oil press with simpler operation and fewer wearing parts. It is currently a more advanced equipment that replaces manual operation of small sesame oil. The operation process of avocado oil machine is introduced below: Clean the oil tank and add enough hydraulic oil, check whether the bolts of each part are loose, and check whether the line connection is correct.

If the oil factory wants to obtain edible oil through the hydraulic oil press mechanism to obtain economic benefits, it still needs to communicate with the machinery and equipment factory in detail, so as to purchase high-quality avocado oil machine. The powerful machinery and equipment factory has mature technology , It is more convenient to provide high-quality equipment for oil factories.

The mechanical equipment factory with strong comprehensive strength has long-term cooperative parts manufacturers. The whole equipment production process is very skilled.