Large automatic oil press full set of equipment price

Complete sets of oil press equipment mainly include roller roaster type frying pan, conveying equipment, oil press and filtration equipment. Such a set of equipment can complete the production of pressed edible oil. Below is a detailed description of each device. automatic oil press full set of equipment

I. Roller roaster

The roller frying pan is mainly used for frying various oils, regulating the moisture and temperature of the oil, destroying the internal structure of the oil, so that the oil is easier to be squeezed out, so as to improve the efficiency of oil pressing. Henan Pentium Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide three kinds of roller roaster: wood burning roaster, electric roaster, gas roaster. These three types of roller roaster have different models and handling capabilities. automatic oil press full set of equipment

2. Conveying equipment

Conveying equipment is mainly used for oil conveying between various equipment. Compared with the traditional manual transport, using transport equipment to transport oil can speed up the transport efficiency and save manpower, which is also the choice of modern edible oil production enterprises. Bucket hoists are often used to produce pressed edible oil. Inside it is a hopper uniformly fixed on the annular traction plate, which can continuously load oil products to achieve the purpose of transportation. automatic oil press full set of equipment

3. Oil press equipment

Oil press is the core equipment of large automatic oil press complete set of equipment. It can be mechanically extruded into pressed cooking oil. Single screw oil press, automatic temperature control oil press, oil press is mainly used for pressing peanut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil and other conventional oils. Single screw palm oil press and twin screw palm oil press are mainly used to press palm oil, and palm kernel oil press is used to press palm kernel oil.

4. Filtration equipment

Filter equipment can filter out all kinds of solid suspended impurities in pressed edible oil, improve the quality of oil. The filter equipment of large automatic oil press is generally plate and frame filter in the complete set of equipment. Plate – frame filter has good filtering effect and small filtration loss. The plate and frame filter is simple to operate and has a wide range of application. Can be used to filter all kinds of cooking oil.