Automatic Oil press operation and applications

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Automatic oil press in the actual operation process, if you do not pay attention to the relevant work before starting, it has a very big impact on our actual operation. Below, BTMA will give you a simple introduction to the relevant matters for attention before the automatic oil press is started. Automatic oil press before starting, we should do a job has several points:

1. Clean the oil tank of the oil press, and add enough hydraulic oil to use before operation.

2, To carefully check whether the bolt between the parts of the oil press is loose, and whether the line connection is correct. If there is an abnormal situation, timely correction, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3. Get ready to warm up. In general, the preheating temperature in spring and summer is generally between 50-70 degrees, and the preheating temperature in autumn and winter is generally between 70-(-90) degrees. If it is not a good control of the temperature, it will have a very big impact on our future operation.

4, The time of the empty aircraft cloud installation. In general, winter and spring because the hydraulic oil is relatively dense, so the air transport time is generally about 5-10 minutes. And for the season, we only need to run for 1-2 minutes in the actual operation process.

Automatic oil press has many performance advantages in the actual operation process. If you have this need, you can contact our staff directly. We will serve you better.

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